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The Seven Deadly Pitfalls in AIM Global Network Marketing Business

(Blueprints to Success Part 2)

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.” – Author, Philosopher, Jim Rohn

If there are seven deadly sins in the Bible, there too in AIM Global Business seven deadly pitfalls. It is true to its word, they are “deadly” and could kill your dreams instantly.

Here they are:

1. Reinventing the Wheel.

Reinventing the Wheel
AIM Global networking business is very simple. The trouble is, some people makes it too complicated. It is just as simple as following the 80-20 rule.

What is the 80-20 rule?

AIM business is 80% sponsoring and 20% retailing.

So simple.

But why 80-20? Why not 50-50? Or 20-80?

Because the BIG money is found in the 80-20 rule. Sure you can still make money when you do 50-50 or even when you do 20-80 but if you want to maximize our marketing plan and make you first million in one or two years, we suggest you follow the 80-20 rule.

Why is it that other companies suggests 50% or more time for retailing?

This is because their products are good, but their marketing plan is lousy.

AIM Global is different, we have excellent products and a powerful marketing plan. It is so designed that while you go sponsoring your friends and relatives product sales and reorders comes along with it.

So make this business simple. It’s been tried and tested over the years. Don’t waste your time and energy reinventing the wheel.


2. Small time Attitude.

Small time Attitude
In this industry, your skill set from your past job has very little importance to none in your success as a network marketer. It would really depend upon your Attitude.

Some people starts this business with a small time thinking, with small time action and wonder why they have small time income. They treat this like it’s some kind of a game or hobby.

When you have this kind of thinking, the slightest inconvenience would make you quit right away.
“Ay walangakong internet, wag na lang.” (I don’t have internet so never mind.)

But did you know that we have Millionaires Club member who was paying P20/hour every day for a year just to go online.

“Upline, I can’t go to the office to attend training because it’s hot today.” Then the next training comes and you say, “Upline, I can’t attend the training because it’s too cold today.”

Your Upline then ask you, “So what’s the right temperature for you to attend?”

These crazy reasons won’t help you get to where you want.

You have to start BIG TIME. Your mindset should be like as if you have invested in millions of dollars or pesos to get in.

Think as if you have opened a giant supermarket store where you loaned a huge sum of money in the bank.
When you have this mindset, it’s pretty sure you would worked hard and think big time from Day 1 of your AIM Global career.


3. Procrastination

There was this Distributor named Pok. She was invited to an opportunity meeting in AIM Global, she got interested but was a little hesitant to join because she said she is busy with her work. After one month of continuous follow up from her Upline, she was then convinced to join. When they got to the office, lo and behold she saw her sister Wang, with some of her friends attending the business orientation.

Later she found out that her sister joined just three days ago and purchased seven global packages..Pok really regrets not joining quickly.

We just change the names but the above story is true. In this type of industry, you need to have a sense of urgency. You must understand that when you find it hard to decide if you would join AIM Global, right that moment you already made a decision.

Why do we procrastinate?
1. Don’t know how.
2. Don’t know why.
3. Don’t know when
4. Don’t like doing it.
5. Don’t like someone else is doing it.
6. Forgetfulness.

If you have these reasons, then we suggest you attend the NDO (New Distributors Orientation), if you can’t attend, then watch it here in AIMCADEMY.COM there are videos here that can help you gain more insights of all your questions regarding this business.

Don’t procrastinate. Start your financial plan now A day delay is a day delay to your financial freedom! ACT NOW.


4. Taking Rejections Personally.

Taking Rejections Personally
This is one whole topic in itself. It seems that rejection is the waterloo of many new distributors. Many quits right after one or two rejection. They take it personally, like as if they are so shock why their best friend said “no” to their offer. They feel that there is something wrong with them and they start justifying it by thinking that maybe this business is not for them after all.

Do not take rejection personally. It says nothing about you as a person. And rejection is part of life and it is not a personal attack.

There is a four letter word we must use when we get rejected – NEXT! When you hailed the first taxi you saw this morning going to work and for some reason it did not stop in front of you, did you know that is rejection too? But did you stop there? No, you just brushed it off and look for the next one.

There are certain number of reasons why people don’t join, perhaps it is not the right time, or you didn’t say the right words or they are altogether not the right person.

Right time, right words, right person is very crucial in finding a prospect that would say YES to you and the only way to find this people is to keep learning the business. Get a mentor, perhaps your upline to guide you.

We will also create an article about this so you can have an in-depth knowledge on how to handle it, but for now when somebody rejects you we leave you an old but effective formula. SW3 NEXT! Some will join you, some won’t join you. SO WHAT??? NEXT!!!


5. Neglecting your Retail Sales

Neglecting your Retail Sales
We discussed in the 80/20 rule in the 1st deadly pitfall in AIM Global business. Have you ever wondered why we didn’t say go 100% of your time on your sponsoring and leave none to your retail sales?

It is because the 20% time you dedicate to your retail sales should not be ignored. This is very important especially when you’re new. The 20% profit could help cover your daily operational allowance for food, gas, fare, internet and phone bills, in growing your network. A healthy networker should have at least 10-20 repeat retail customers.

You do not really need to be an expert in selling. Just talk about our products the way you talk to your friends about the great movie you saw over the weekend. Be excited and share the benefits. If they buy the product then fine, if not then it’s also fine. No hard selling. No hard feelings if they reject your offer.

The good part here is once they buy our products, since it is of excellent quality, the product would then speak for itself so don’t be surprised if after a month or two, they would call back to reorder for more. And pretty soon you might even get them interested to join the business.

Friends, believe us, you would not have a more powerful downline than the one who has tried ourproducts, got healed from a disease or had a better health then has become a serious networker. They are very unstoppable and won’t need more motivation in doing this business.

So don’t neglect your retails sales.


6. Listening to dream stealers.

Listening to dream stealers
It is natural for new distributors to invite their closest friends and relatives first to join this business, after all if you discovered a pile of gold under your backyard, you would most likely show and talk about this to your most trusted confidante.

The trouble is when you share this business to your best friend or relative some of them don’t really see “Gold” instead, they give you 101 reasons why you should stop doing this business. They would come up with stories of the past, like they would tell you that your Uncle tried doing business before and he failed or they would gossip to you about your next door neighbor who was victimized by a certain pyramid scam, etc.

If you are not careful and if you do not have a definite reason on why you join AIM Global, they could persuade you to quit.

We suggest to prepare yourself for these type of people. They disguised themselves as someone who cares for you, but in truth they are your dream stealers.

Listen to them only if they would pay your next electricity bill. Listen to them if they would pay your child’s tuition fee. Listen to them if they can give you enough money so that you can go home for good in your country because you were forced to work overseas for you family. Listen to them if they can give you your dream home or your dream car. Listen them if they can give you your financial and time freedom.

But if they can’t give you any of these, just say ”thank you”, go on your way and study the business more and learn it by heart and do your part. Then maybe someday when your already earning big you can make them listen to you this time.

Be wise, don’t listen to dream stealers.


7. Abusing your Upline

Abusing your Upline
We believe that your Upline has a great responsibility in helping you earn quickly in this business. It is your Upline’s job to train you, inspire you, lift you up when you are down, help you do one on one presentations, help you do group presentations both online and offline, reserves seats for your guest at our offices.

If your Upline is this powerful and supportive, be thankful, because you have a great leader to guide you.

If your Upline is weak, still be thankful, because you have the opportunity to step up young and early in your networking career as a leader.

There is a lot at stake being an Upline. To be an Upline means that you assume the role of a mentor or a coach of your group.

However there is a “cooking time” that an Upline can only give to you. “Cooking time” means a certain amount of time that your Upline will be there to do everything for you. This means that there should also be a time that you as a follower or student must learn how to step up and be a leader yourself.

Remember your Upline is not your employee. You are business partners and as business partners you have to treat your Upline with the kind of respect you want to be treated. Some downlines burn their Uplines with endless complaints, lamentations and other emotional demands.

So learn quickly as you can because you are not forever a mere downline. The moment somebody joins you in this business, you also assume the role of an Upline.


No Secrets
There is no secrets to success, these are all results of hard work, following proven systems and preparation.
It all starts with your desire to succeed.

Wishing you Abundance of Success.

And as always here is to the inevitable achievement of your dreams.

Happy Networking!


How to manifest your dream-come-true life?

(Blueprints to Success Part 1)

“If you don’t design your life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much”. – Jim Rohn

It’s a brand new year again! Cheers to everyone!

Happy new you! Happy new life!

Yes, we know it’s already mid-January but you can’t deny, it still is a brand new year!

So… how was your new year’s resolution going?

A few days ago a friend of ours was greeted by another friend, “Happy New Year!” What’s your new year’s resolution?

The friend replied, “Anong new year? Anong New Year’s resolution? Tapos na new year noh?” (What New Year? What New Year’s resolutions? New Year is already finished!)

It’s almost like as if he was saying New Year is only a one time event that happens only in New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.

And this is why a lot of the New Year’s resolution fail. People forget to follow-up on their goals.

Maybe you won’t feel it now because it’s still early in the year but in the coming days and months ahead, you can see the lack of commitment to make it happen.

A popular new year’s resolution is losing weight. You might find it hard to park your car going to the gym because for sure all gyms are packed. You might also see a lot of people jogging early in the morning to exercise too.
But all of these is only happening because it’s January. Wait next month or March. The gym is all yours for the taking.

We all have fallen to this trap. Maybe not about health, but perhaps with our finances or relationship. We set out to do things early in the year, but fail to follow through.

Not to worry, because these things will not happen to you, not today, not this year. We will help you press the Reset button and start Afresh.

The first step to be big in 2016 and achieve your wildest dreams is to declare!


I Declare

I Declare
Pastor Joel Osteen from his book, “I Declare” said that, “The words you speak set the course for your future.”

This is very true because words have energy, it has power. Your words can uplift you or destroy you. It has the ability to inspire, energize and love another person but it also has the capability to discourage and hate.

Use your words into your own favor.

Set an intention for abundance this year. Go in front of the mirror and tell yourself, “I am happy, whole, healthy, abundant, loving and kind.” “I am happy, whole, healthy, abundant, loving and kind.”

Repeat it every day. Make it your own mantra.

Say it with conviction. Believe in it. Surrender to it.

Ask any successful person today, all of them in the beginning have set an intention to become successful, and that they have become.

This is how the Universe operates. You have to set an intention first before you go take action.

The scripture says, Ask and Receive. You have to ask first.

But be careful on what you ask, don’t ask negatively. When you say “I don’t want to be poor” Your subconscious mind can only remember one word from your statement. And that is the word “poor.”

It’s just like Google, when you type “I don’t want to be poor, your screen will be flooded of images of scarcity and poor people.

Instead say, “I am already rich.” (Even if you’re not) Why?

Someone is listening.

Your subconscious mind.

And God.

And when these happens, it will bring experiences that will validate what you are saying.

It could be through your relationship where the right person will come to you.

Or a positive result on your medical report.

Or maybe in business where 5 people have come forward to buy 7 Global Packages from you.

So go ahead and declare your dreams. Just remember, words are powerful, if you put it into action, it can be life changing.


Dream big! If it offends someone, so what?! Dream bigger!

Dream Bigger
The next step in manifesting your dream-come-true life is very obvious.

You have to learn how to dream. (I told you it’s obvious.)

But few people really know how to dream and in worst case scenario a lot of people never dream at all.

They simply forgot about it. It could be because of negative upbringing or past failures and rejections.

They have let their circumstances or other people steal their dreams from them. Sadly most of those “other people” are actually the people that you love.

They would hear words from their parents like, “Anak, mahirap lang tayo kaya wag mo masyadong paliparin ang isip mo na mangarap ng malaki.” (My child, were poor, so don’t let your mind wander into dreaming too big.)

Or maybe after telling your spouse that you dream of buying a new car and a new house, he or she would say,”Mangangarap ka ng kotse? Bahay? E yung bayad sa kuryente di pa nga bayad.” (You’re dreaming of buying a new car and a new house but our electricity bill hasn’t been paid yet?)

Or perhaps after attending an Opportunity Meeting with AIM Global you got so excited and tell your kids, “Mga anak, yayaman na tayo!” (My children were going to be rich!) And one of your child would say “Nay, gutom lang yan…. Kanina naglalaba lang kayo, ngayon yayaman na hahaha” (Mom, you must be hungry… a while ago your just doing laundry and now you’re telling us we will be rich hahaha)

These people may have the purest intention of discouraging you, and that is they don’t want you to get hurt when you fail. But what makes them think you are going to fail in the first place? They don’t know you from the inside.

They don’t know what kind of stuff you are made of. You are a child of God, and as a child of God you have the right to dream.

So always dream big, and don’t be realistic about your dream.

We say, “Be unrealistic.”

Yes, you heard us right.

Be unrealistic.


If someone told the Wright brothers to be realistic in their dreams, we would not have an aluminum tube frame with wings flying in the air serving a million passengers a year to their destination.

If someone told Henry Siy to be realistic in his dreams, then we would not have supermalls called SM or Shoemart making him the richest man in the Philippines.

If someone told Dr. Ed Cabantog, Eng. Francis Miguel and Mr. Raymond Asperin to be realistic in their dreams, we would not have the best MLM and Direct Sales Company in the World called Alliance in Motion Global.

Being realistic is the most commonly travelled road to mediocrity,
Why would you be realistic? There is no point in being realistic.

The most successful people in this world have all been “unrealistic” in their dreams. The first question they ask themselves is not How it will be done, it is the Why it will be done, then the What and How comes next.


Action Plan

Action Plan
It’s your turn, go and write down your personal declaration for 2016. Then post it in your Facebook wall or print it out to carry with you wherever you go so that you be reminded that wherever you go, your intention is on its way to you.

If you don’t have an intention use “I am happy, whole, healthy, abundant, loving and kind.”

Use it, feel it, and live it!

Next week we are going to continue with Part 2 of our Blueprint to Success.

We believe the Universe has prepared the very best blessing for you this 2016

Have faith. Trust the process. The best is yet to come!

Here is to the inevitable achievement of your dreams!

Liven Coffee Talk
It’s your coffee break from work, and you are sitting next to your office mate. Just casually say:

“So how long do you plan to work here?”

Then sit back and relax and see if the conversation could lead to a good prospect.

Happy Networking!


Want to go faster and further this 2016? Awaken the FORCE within you

“Always remember, your focus determines your reality.” – Qui-Gon Jinn, Starwars Episode 1
When American filmmaker and entrepreneur George Lucas created the movie Star Wars, he actually based all the Jedi knights from shaolin monks.

He said like the Jedi knights, shaolin monks are raised in a temple and trained at an early age in martial arts. They were all trained to use the FORCE to focus their energy into certain parts of their body and demonstrate abilities that defy scientific explanation. They believe that strength comes only from the mind, there are almost no limits to what can be done with their body during trainings.

They were taught to harness the power of the FORCE.

They believe that the so called FORCE is an energy that penetrates and animates every living being, and binds the universe together.

Shaolin monks calls it “QI” or “Chi”.

This only proves that the energy known in Star Wars “The Force” actually exists within us.

Yes the FORCE is real.

It is the energy that flows through you, me, your brother, and your sister. It is present on all plants and animals living here on Earth.

This Energy is also known to many as GOD… exists inside of you, just waiting for you to harness its power.

And once you do, you’ll be able to enhance any area of your life you want.


Stop Swimming against the tide

Stop Swimming against the tide
This New Year can be a lot more fulfilling and expansive than you can ever imagine.

If you only stop struggling against the current of your life and experience effortless success by being guided and literally carried to your best destination.

Hard work, will and determination is important, but hard work, will and determination alone would not get you to where you want. This is how society has programmed us. To use our Force to put up resistance and will our lives the way we think we should live.

But anyone who has tried swimming against the current knows that it could only take you in a short distance. All you end up is being exhausted, confused, and tired.

You get burnout.

Then comes December 2016 and you will look back your year with regret because you were not satisfied of what you have accomplished.

Using the bright side of the Force is getting in the flow. You need to learn to get connected to a Force that is greater than you and is always there to support you.

Trust in Divine Timing. Trust that Force will always be there to support you. It will take you where you want to go. So you can end up further ahead than you ever expected.

But the trouble in making positive change in our lives are the resistance we experience.

Don’t be consumed by the Dark Side


Tap into the FORCE

Tap into the force
Whether it’s becoming discipline, more focused and productive, more persuasive or achieving so much success as an entrepreneur ….there is no limit to what you can accomplish once you awaken the Force within you.

Can you imagine what kind of a business person a Jedi would be?

When you harness the Force within, you can be more powerful, calm, brave and disciplined.

You can have an enhanced mental function, or increased memory like you never experience.

You be able to have more empathy which will enable you to connect with people on a deeper level which makes you more magnetic to the right people.

You can become more persuasive and confident when you’re dealing with your prospect or customers.

You can become more creative and inspire more people in your business.

You be able to reach your goals easier. (Fitness or business)

And finally start to make money you deserve knowing that every move you make is supercharged by your inner power.

AIMCADEMY is committed this year to teach you how to harness this FORCE.

We are looking forward to build an amazing year with you. We wish you a year full of bliss, love, joy, health, freedom, success and inner peace.

Indeed 2016 is you banner year. 2016 is the year your life would finally turn around for the good.

Go out and live your life in your own terms. In due time, all the people who mocked you will go from ridiculing you to asking “How did you do that?

And all you will do is smile and say “may the force be with you too.”

The time has come our young padawan.

Awaken the Force with you, we shall….

Happy New Year!

The Best Gift You can give yourself this Christmas

“Maybe Christmas” the Grinch thought, “doesn’t come from a store.” “Maybe Christmas ….perhaps…. means a little more.”

It’s the season of giving, a time where everybody gets busy thinking of what gifts to give to their loved ones. So we all head out to different shopping malls to look for that perfect gift.

We do this because we all love to give, it makes us happy as we see children’s faces light up when they open up their Christmas presents. It bring us joy when we could give a warm smile, a hug or perhaps laughter to our friends and relatives.

Now giving to others may be fun and a noble thing to do, however, we believe that we should also not neglect to give to ourselves.

You should come to a state of overflow and abundance, because in reality, you cannot give what you do not have.
Mind you, we are not just talking about material things here, we are also pointing out the spiritual and emotional aspect of your life too.


Let Go and Receive

Let Go and Receive
To give love, you must receive the gift of Love.

To give a smile or happiness, you must receive the gift of Happiness.

To give money, you must learn to receive the gift of Abundance.

If you don’t accept the Gift of Letting Go and Receiving, you could be drained out and your ability to give would soon evaporate.

Too many times we are caught up in the old saying of “It is better to give than to receive.” Or “When you give, then you shall receive.”

Both statements are true. The trouble is our culture or our system of thinking could not really digest and accept the Gift of Letting Go and Receiving. Often times, we feel that we are unworthy to receive gifts from other people, we often think small and act small.

And because of that thinking, we live small, we become blinded. We become blind to all the wonderful gifts we receive every day from our friends, our family and from the Greatest Giver of All, God.


Left Side, Right Side

Left Side, Right Side
AIM Global marketing plan suggests that for you to make big money in our business, you should balance your left sales force and right sales force.

But, when it comes to the Gift of Receiving, you have to come up with a new plan.

Let us share you a story by the author of “The Power of Positive Thinking”, Norman Vincent Peale.

He said one day, a hopeless man came up to him, and said “Reverend, I no longer have the will to live my life.”

“Why do you say that?” Norman asked.

“It is because my life is in a mess, I have lost everything, and I am a totally unlucky person.”

Upon hearing this Norman took a clean sheet of paper and drew a vertical line in the middle.

He said to the man “This is your life in the middle. I divided it into the Left Side and the Right Side. On the left side, we are going to write down all the bad things that has happened to you and all that you have lost, on the right side we are going to write all the good things that happened to you and all the things that you still have. Are you ready?”

“You don’t need the right side, because I don’t have anything there”, the man said.

Norman Vincent Peale said, “When did your wife divorce you?”

The man was shocked, “What? I am happily married, my wife did not divorce me.”

Norman said, “That’s good, let us write that down as number one on your right side. Now tell, me what type of drugs are your children taking.”

“Drugs?” the man asked. “My children are clean, they don’t take drugs.”

“Awesome let us write it down us number two: “Kids not in drugs”.

Norman kept asking similar questions until finally the man got what Norman was trying to say.

The man said. “I guess my life isn’t bad after all.”


Have the Right State of Mind

Have the Right State of Mind

What is the right state of mind?
Expect Good things to happen to you.

You see, perception is everything. What you perceive, becomes your reality.

Too often we focus ourselves on the Left side of our life and not see the Right side. We keep bringing back our past, past mistakes, past rejections, past failures. We can’t move on.

Some people live every year exactly the same way, and repeat it for 60-80 years and call it a life!

You have to learn to let go and move on.

Always remember that you and only you have the power to choose. You have been given this great gift to receive and interpret all the events that has happened to you as good. When you expect good things to happen to you, you can automatically block out all the negative things and cease to dwell upon them.

For example, you invited a friend of yours to an opportunity meeting at our head office, your friend said yes, and agrees to meet you around noontime. You got there 30 minutes earlier. However, one hour has past and your friend did not show up, you tried calling and texting but your friend did not reply. In other words, you got stood up.
If you expect good things to happen to you, you will have a better attitude in handling the moment, rather than slipping into a negative, angry state.

You could tell yourself that this could be a chance to learn more about our business and attend our free trainings and seminars, or this might be a chance for you to visit another prospect of yours that your putting off because of your tight schedule or you might be able to meet other people in the mall that could be your future business partner someday.

Now because you have the attitude of expecting good things to happen and having the Gift of Receiving, you find yourself always in a win-win situation, instead of always being a victim of your own circumstances. (Most of the time, we have this victim mentality.)

Based on experience, your most toxic relationship is the one you have with ourselves.

We have become our worst enemy
What is a victim mentality?
I’m not a good speaker. – Victim!
I hate math – Victim!
I’m not good looking – Victim!
I’m not good in sales. – Victim!
I have no money. – Victim!
I did not win in our Thanksgiving party raffle. I am unlucky. – Victim!
My boyfriend left me! – Victim!
I’m too shy, I have no time for love! – Victim!
Or sometimes when we fail, we punish ourselves and give labels like, “I’m a loser!”
Give yourself a break, don’t be a victim, instead be a victor!

Let go of you past, let go of the things that no longer serve you.

You have been living in the Left side of your life for a long time, it’s now time to change your focus and put your attention on the Right side. Open yourself up to the blessings around you and have the Gift of Receiving.

Ask, Believe, let go and Receive!

As a gift to you this Christmas, AIMCADEMY would like to share with you this wonderful poem.


Let go and let God!

Let go and let God
As children bring their broken toys for us to mend,

I brought my broken dreams to God because he is my friend,

But instead of letting God to work alone, I hung around and do something about it on my own.

Until one day, I grew impatient and asked, “God, how could you be so slow?”

“My child”, God said. “What could I do, you never did let go.”

AIMCADEMY would like to thank everyone in reading our blog.

We thank you all in joining the first and only MLM online school the world.

May your business flourished more next year!

Remember to eat healthy, be merry, and don’t just let your waistline grow but also your love to your family, friends, Uplines, Downlines, our Vice Presidents and Board of Directors as well.

And lastly, don’t forget to love yourself, because by loving yourself, you give permission for others to love you and have the capacity to love others even more.

Let go and Receive the love from God.

Merry Christmas,

MLM Godfather – Super Prospecting with AIM Global

“Persuasion – a spoonful of honey can catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar.” – Benjamin Franklin

“I will make him an offer he can’t refuse.” This is what Don Vito Corleone from the movie Godfather said every time he wants to get something done. It literally means, do this or I will kill you. One time he had a godson, a singer named Johnny Fontaine. Johnny when he was starting out signed his services to a big band. But he went solo and as his career became better and better, he wanted out from the band. Unfortunately this band leader doesn’t want to let go of Johnny, so he sought helped from his godfather.

Don Corleone then went to this band leader and offered $10,000 just to let Johnny go. But the band leader said no. The next day, the Don went back to the band leader but this time with one of his gangsters. One hour later the band leader signed Johnny’s release for a certified check of $1,000.

How did he do that?

Well, the Don offered the guy something he can’t refused. While his gangster is holding a gun to the band leaders head, he assured him that it’s either his brains or his signature will be on the contract.


Creating powerful offers

Creating powerful offers
There are lessons that could be learned from the story above if you are a serious network marketer. No, it is not pointing a gun to your prospects head and asking them to choose between buying a Global Package and be a member or having their brains inside a package if they don’t.

Not that.

It’s too disgusting.

And you could end up in jail afterwards.

It is actually the message behind this story that you could learn and take home with you.

It is about creating powerful offers that could skyrocket your income up to the stars.

In our everyday life, if you really notice, offers are being made constantly. You go to the mall, you see many things on display in each store, and in most cases there is an offer just beside each item like “buy 1 take 1” or “ 50% off today only”.

You go to a restaurant and again offers are being made like “buy our special meal today and you get a FREE bucket of hot soup! Or unlimited rice!

“You buy a new car today and your salesman would throw in offers like FREE carwash, FREE maintenance, FREE towing for the next six months.

When your home, you talk to your kids, you need to master creating powerful offers too.

Which do you think is more effective?

1. Son, please fix up your room.


2. Son, if you fix up your room I am going to give you a FREE trip to Disneyland, buy you a new toy, give you a new gadget and treat you to Dunkin Donut this weekend!

Son: Wow Dunkin Donuts this weekend!! I need a broom right away! (Some kids are so easy to please)
In network marketing we too create offers to our prospects. We offer them to buy our product, join our business, attend our opportunity meetings, etc.

The trouble with this is, some of our offers are very lame. It does not excite our prospects. In fact some of our offers sound boring to them.

The standard words that we say is “give me P7980 and I will give you a Global Package.” It may not exactly be what we say but that is how it sounds to our prospects mind. It makes them want to talk about the weather instead.
Here are more examples of how our invitation sounds when our prospects hear them. Again it may not be exactly what you said, but they run these conversation inside their heads as you are speaking.

Do you want extra income? (Wow, not another scam!)

Buy this product, it is very effective. (Yeah right, that is what everybody will say.)

Come and attend our seminar tonight. (Seminar? Sounds like a prayer meeting. So boring.)

Join me now and become a member. (LOL, and then you can make money out of me!)

All these offers make a potential MLM leader into a negative, judgmental network marketing hater. No wonder you could not sponsor your brother in law, best friend or cousin into your business.

Remember as MLM pro Tom “Big Al” Schreiter said, “The first 20 seconds of your conversation with your prospect is the most crucial part of your MLM success.” Whatever words that come out of your mouth on those first 20 seconds would be process inside of the brain of the person you’re speaking to as something that could pique their interest or it could sound their negative alarm of staying away from you.

So if you could not sponsor anyone into your business, you have to reflect upon the way you have package your proposal to them.


Romancing the Global Package

When you say come join me for P7980 and I will give you a kit which contains our products and services, it may bring prospects to be interested to you. However, that is what everybody else is saying already. Anyone can know that information just by going to our website, or somehow they have already heard it in our daily seminars and even watched our business presentation in YouTube. But what if you add more extras to your offer. Here are a few examples.

– When you buy our Global package, you get a free training worth over $5,000 from our experienced trainers.

– Second, you can get free coaching from our Uplines. They can teach you their easiest way to become a Global Ambassador. In this way, you do not have to do this business by trial and error. Sometime we even treat you for a free lunch or dinner just to divulge these hidden information to you so that you can be successful right away.

– Third, you can get the best and the latest technology on how to build a solid network that can last a lifetime. You see network marketing has been around for so many years, sadly there are Companies that are still using an old technology that is already obsolete and could not be applied in today’s market. AIM Global will provide you with an upgraded and faster technology so that you can start earning the income you desire easily and effortlessly.

– Fourth, when you buy your package, you will have somebody to guide you in speaking to your prospects. You do not have to convince people. You do not have to master the art of selling or persuasion right away. Someone is already assigned to do that for you for free.

– Fifth, you also have, because of our Royalty Income, a business that can be transferred to your family should one day you be gone. You see the only people who have royalty incomes are actors, singers, authors, musicians. Take the Beatles or Michael Jackson, they are still making money even when they are physically gone because of the royalties they are earning from their songs, props or even crazy things like their underwear. But because you are with AIM Global, you can still make money even if you are six feet under the ground.

– Sixth, you will also have a confirmed reservation in our Sales Rally, Anniversary celebration, Awards night the whole year round. We have invested in thousands of dollars just to hold these events, we even hire popular singers, actors for your entertainment. The events take place in some of the biggest stadiums and arenas around the country. Plus you get a free t-shirt that makes you a proud member of AIM Global.

– Seventh, if you are living abroad you need not to worry, because we send speakers to your country just to hold big business orientations, we invested money for their travel and hotel so that we can bring the best trainers to you to convince your prospect. All you need to do is bring people in and we will be the one doing the talking.

And finally number eight, you can have free access to the first MLM online school called AIMCADEMY. In this website, you will learn all the hidden secrets of attraction, great tips from leaders of the industry, powerful mantras and training materials that can surely guide you towards your path to financial freedom. You gain access to videos, blogs like these one that can surely create massive success to your networking career.

Now tell me, does this added offer get your prospect even more excited in joining your business? You know in life, in order for you to rise above the competition, you have to do at least 10% more than what the others are doing.
The difference between the extra-ordinary to ordinary networkers is the little EXTRA.

The good news is your added benefits does not cost you anything you know why?

It is because you are already doing it. You just didn’t highlight those extra benefits. So make sure you apply those little extras in order for you get more results into your business.


Plan your Offer

Plan your Offer
A little planning in creating powerful offers in your network marketing career would surely bring more results to you. It is not enough to just go out there and simply say whatever you feel like saying, you have to plan things. Network Marketing is scientific. We have gone past the trial and error stage. The road is already paved. So you better make sure you teach your Downlines the right approach in talking to their prospects. Some of us would think that our new Downlines already know everything, so we just tell them, “Go invite people”.

It is almost like as if we have thrown them in a lion’s den with only a stick for protection. They would all be eaten alive.
Now to end this, let us give you our final offer.

“If you do not start creating, powerful, benefit dripping offers to your prospects………. We are going to block your account, tell your whole neighborhood what a boring leader you are, ask you Uplines to ignore you, start charging you for seminars and not treat you to Dunkin Donut!”


Action Plan

It’s you turn. What powerful benefit dripping offer could you create in order to close more people to joining your organization. Write it down now.

Create an offer that you prospect could not refuse!

Here’s to the inevitable achievement of your hopes and dreams.


Mastery of Prospecting Part 3

“If you think you will have job security working for somebody else, WAKE UP.” – Kim Kiyosaki

“Sir Jurgen, can you please give me more examples of what great answers I could tell my prospects when I am asked, “What you do for a living?”

Sure here are some more answers you can use to your prospects.

– I help people how to retire 10 years earlier.

– I show how ladies how to look 10-20 years younger the natural way.

– I show people how to lose weight without changing their eating habits.

– I show people how to make big money by helping others.

– I make people not rely on the government much when it comes to their finances.

– I help people to have the energy of a 20 year old at 50.

– I am working on my part-time business. I realize that there is no such thing as job security nowadays anymore.

– I help OFWs have a chance to go home with their families with a great business opportunity.

– I help OFWs make extra money on the side while they work on their full time job so that they can save a lot more for their future.

– I have a project called OFW Go Home, it’s my mission to reunite families who were separated because their mother or father have to work abroad to earn money. I show them a chance to earn just as much or even more money here in the Philippinesas they are earning abroad.

– I’m independent now; I make money worldwide just by using Facebook.

– I help people look younger; I show them how to have a facelift in a natural way. A lot of women are getting more beauty conscious these days.

– I get paid just by drinking coffee.

– I show people how to get rebates and referral bonus every month while working on their full time job.

“So, do you see the differences in these answers? All we are saying are the benefits of what we do to our prospects. If they find it interesting or if they would want to know more about it, they would ask more questions that could lead to either a one on one presentation or a group presentation at the nearest office of AIM Global. There is no need to be pushy; it is just a straight forward answer that arouses your prospects curiosity.” Jurgen said.

“Yes sir Jurgen, I understand you completely. My answers before lack benefit and excitement, from now on I would answer with a strong benefit laden statements that make my prospect want to ask more about it.” Pedro said.

“Correct Pedro, this is much better instead of giving answers that you try to push down on your uninterested prospects throat which sometimes lead to an heated argument that you would never win. If you do that your relationship could get damaged. And because of that you would never sponsor your prospect, not today, not tomorrow, and not ever. If your friend becomes interested in the future, your friend would not come to you to be their sponsor. They would look for somebody else.” Jurgen replied.

“Thank you so much sir Jurgen, I have learned a lot from you today.” As Pedro got up ready to leave, he saw the restaurant manager by the door, he then asked, “by the way, what do you do for a living?”

The restaurant manager replied, “I welcome all patrons and non-patrons to our cozy food and drink establishment and also supervise all my staff with a better and proper way of handling all the activities inside this place so that we will have a big profit margin by the end of the day.”

Pedro smiled and thinking out loud, “Wahahahaha, this guy needs to be trained by sir Jurgen about his benefit statement.”
The end.


“What do you do for a living approach?”

What do you do for a living approach

This story can be applied in your business in many ways. It’s a very effective approach most especially if you’re a shy person. You don’t have to think too much on what you are going to say. The number one reason why a lot of people are afraid of prospecting strangers or people they barely know are because they do not know how to open up a conversation or simply said they don’t really know the right words to say to their prospect.

The “what do you do for a living approach?” puts your prospects guard down and in case you didn’t know it yet, in your many years of existence in this planet, people love talking about themselves to other people. They love to tell stories of who they’re with, what places they have been to, what kind of a jerk their boss is, and sometimes they even tell you other things that you don’t really want to know about. You asked them one question and they open up their lives like a fairy tale novel. This could be the only downside with this.

The upside is after they have exhausted their bio-data to you, they would then turn the favor, out of courtesy and ask you, “How about you? What do you do for a living?”

And bingo!

This is where your prepared answer comes into place.

Now once you answered your prospect, two things can happen, first is,if they find what you have said interesting they would ask more questions, they will give you some hints to “tell me more”. Or second, your prospect could just say, “hey did you know that there is a storm coming up tomorrow?” Even if the sun is out shining! They would simply change the topic. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for you because you are learning, and second you gain more friends which could be a future prospect anyway.

The idea here is to gain more prospects, and the number of prospects you add to your list is directly proportional to the number of times you ask this question.

The more people you ask, the more the chance you can get interested, qualified prospects that you could set an appointment with your upline or make them attend a big opportunity presentation.

This technique is way much better instead of forcing an uninterested person to take a look at your business and makes your life in AIM Global stressful.


“Set your Goals”

Set your Goals
In 1977, Bill Gates and some of his partners set a vision of having their Microsoft system used by every computer owner in the world. The idea of owning a personal computer that time was considered ridiculous. People say, “What’s the need of computers?” “It’s a kind of a silly deal.”

Believe us, they really said it. People laughed at them.

But today, it’s even more ridiculous if you don’t own one computer in your pocket much more on your desk.

If you set a vision in your heart and mind, nothing gets in your way. If you believe in your vision, that is only one proof needed that it would definitely come true.

Will you know how? Well in most cases no, but here in AIM Global, we teach you that even if you don’t know how, we make you realize that the purpose of a Goal or is not just to acquire stuffs, ultimately the purpose of your goal is for you to grow. Pursuing your goals bring out the best in you, those hidden abilities and talents that you thought you never had can be manifested. There is a gift inside of you that is their waiting to be expressed.

Now is the time to shine! Decide. Believe and Achieve.

And before we go, let us ask you one question.

What do you do for a living? _______________________________

It’s time for you to create your own answer.

Here’s to your success!


Mastery of Prospecting Part 2 (Refining your Invitation)

Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution. If you don’t have any problems, you don’t get any seeds. – Norman Vincent Peale

Pedro asked AIM Global VP for Business Development Jurgen Gonzales, “Sir Jurgen, what does generic, confusing, defensive invitation means?

Jurgen said, “Well it’s very simple Pedro, most distributors when asked what kind of business they are in, they give their prospects confusing answers instead of focusing on what they really do and what benefit the business could give to their prospects.”

Pedro answered, “You know what sir, I think you are right on that, because all of my prospects asked me what I do for a living and these are my answers.”

“I am with Alliance in Motion Global, an International business and I am currently ranked as Distributor!” Well, I don’t really see any prospect benefits here.

“I am a distributor of an International Company that focuses on health and wealth. I help people get promoted from Silver Executive to Gold Executive up until they reach the Global Ambassador position. I also help them earn up to the 10th level of our Uni-level Marketing Plan.” Hmmm, I sounded like a Doctor speaking medical terms to an ordinary patient. I guess even I would not be interested to what I have said it I was invited this way.

“Well cousin, I became independent now, I am a distributor of AIM Global, and I help people diversify their money to a much profitable opportunity so that they can have a residual income and increase their lifestyle” – Wow, I sounded like an alien from outer space.

Jurgen asked, “Are you humiliated that you’re doing AIM Global business? Or do you just have trouble on explaining it to your prospects?”

“I’m proud of what I do sir! It’s just that. I don’t know the right words to say to my prospects. I don’t want to say I recruit people, bring them to our office, attend our big events, and do online marketing, share products to our customers, because I feel they will automatically reject me.”

“You’re right. That sounds really hard too. My advice is you just simply focus on two things that prospects want to hear”, Jurgen said.

“And what are those two things?” asked Pedro.

“Those two things are:

1. What do you do?

2. If what you do would benefit them?

That’s it.” Jurgen said.

“That’s it? It sounds easy to say, but hard to do.” Pedro replied.

“Well why we don’t review what your three prospects said. They must have heard something nice from their sponsor that is why they joined AIM Global. And I bet they are using those same answers to their prospects when asked what they do for a living.” Jurgen said.

Gee, I never thought of that. Let’s see what they answered when I asked them what they are doing now.

1. “No Pedro, we qualified in AIM Global’s Travel Incentive program. We were so blessed to see this wonderful opportunity, and we also got tickets to watch an NBA game for FREE! You see Pedro, their only two kinds of people in this world, those people who earned a lot of money thru word of mouth advertising, have fun and get a free travel abroad and those who don’t. So which person do you want to be?” – Wow free Travel, free NBA game and I was asked to choose from making money or not. There are lots of benefits in that answer.

2. “Yes Pedro, I’m using this product called Whitelyt and Perfect white they make my skin soft, smooth and light, plus I also used C-24/7 which makes me feel younger and more energetic the whole day.” – My aunt really had mastered the art of sharing without selling. There are two great benefit answers to this.

3. “Well Pedro I don’t just use them, I share them to all my friends! AIM Global has a great marketing plan that makes me earn a lot even at my old age.” – This builds curiosity. It makes people want to know more, I mean whoever gets an opportunity to make big money at an old age right?

4. “Thanks! I’m actually selling Burn products. They’re good for people who want to lose weight, there are many obese people nowadays and it seems that everybody wants to be in shape and healthy. Plus, I get to earn huge income just by sharing this great opportunity.” – This answer made me really excited!

“Sir Jurgen I think I am getting what you’re telling me. I am beginning to realize that my lost prospects concentrated on how their products helped them, they use their own testimony or they might probably use somebody else’s product testimony. And they also tried to check if I would be interested to have a part time income. I am seeing a great pattern here.”

“That’s right.” Jurgen said. “You don’t have to be defensive in talking about your products. You also don’t need to be pushy or offensive on talking about your business. Just let them know what you do, what benefits it can bring them and if they get interested, they would want to know more and ask you more questions about it. But if they are not interested, they would quickly change the subject and talk about something else. Your interested prospects can ask you questions like these.”

– Really Free Travel? I love travelling, what do I need to do to get the same privilege as yours?

– Hmmm, that sounds interesting. How does the word of mouth advertising works?

– How can I be younger looking like you?

– Are your products safe? I think I want to try it.

– I heard about AIM Global before, but I never really got to chance to know how it works, can you explain it to me?

– Yeah you’re right it’s so hard being an employee. It’s much better when you become your own boss and have a business. How can I join you?

– I’ve been working for so long and I have yet to buy a car tire much more a car. Please let me know how your business works

“If you listen to the hidden meanings to these replies, it will only tell you one thing. I am interested, Tell me more. Don’t you like it Pedro to have your prospect tell you I’m interested in your offer. It would definitely motivate you to talk to more people about your opportunity. Right?”

“Yes sir Jurgen, I understand what you’re saying now, it will make things better for me because when I hear prospects wanting to know more about my business, it would surely make my prospecting a lot more fun and exciting. Can please give me more example of what great answers I could tell my prospects when asked, What do you do for a living.?”

“Sure here it its……”
(to be continued).

Here is to the inevitable achievement of all your hopes and dreams!