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December 18, 2015 aimcademy

The Best Gift You can give yourself this Christmas

“Maybe Christmas” the Grinch thought, “doesn’t come from a store.” “Maybe Christmas ….perhaps…. means a little more.”

It’s the season of giving, a time where everybody gets busy thinking of what gifts to give to their loved ones. So we all head out to different shopping malls to look for that perfect gift.

We do this because we all love to give, it makes us happy as we see children’s faces light up when they open up their Christmas presents. It bring us joy when we could give a warm smile, a hug or perhaps laughter to our friends and relatives.

Now giving to others may be fun and a noble thing to do, however, we believe that we should also not neglect to give to ourselves.

You should come to a state of overflow and abundance, because in reality, you cannot give what you do not have.
Mind you, we are not just talking about material things here, we are also pointing out the spiritual and emotional aspect of your life too.


Let Go and Receive

Let Go and Receive
To give love, you must receive the gift of Love.

To give a smile or happiness, you must receive the gift of Happiness.

To give money, you must learn to receive the gift of Abundance.

If you don’t accept the Gift of Letting Go and Receiving, you could be drained out and your ability to give would soon evaporate.

Too many times we are caught up in the old saying of “It is better to give than to receive.” Or “When you give, then you shall receive.”

Both statements are true. The trouble is our culture or our system of thinking could not really digest and accept the Gift of Letting Go and Receiving. Often times, we feel that we are unworthy to receive gifts from other people, we often think small and act small.

And because of that thinking, we live small, we become blinded. We become blind to all the wonderful gifts we receive every day from our friends, our family and from the Greatest Giver of All, God.


Left Side, Right Side

Left Side, Right Side
AIM Global marketing plan suggests that for you to make big money in our business, you should balance your left sales force and right sales force.

But, when it comes to the Gift of Receiving, you have to come up with a new plan.

Let us share you a story by the author of “The Power of Positive Thinking”, Norman Vincent Peale.

He said one day, a hopeless man came up to him, and said “Reverend, I no longer have the will to live my life.”

“Why do you say that?” Norman asked.

“It is because my life is in a mess, I have lost everything, and I am a totally unlucky person.”

Upon hearing this Norman took a clean sheet of paper and drew a vertical line in the middle.

He said to the man “This is your life in the middle. I divided it into the Left Side and the Right Side. On the left side, we are going to write down all the bad things that has happened to you and all that you have lost, on the right side we are going to write all the good things that happened to you and all the things that you still have. Are you ready?”

“You don’t need the right side, because I don’t have anything there”, the man said.

Norman Vincent Peale said, “When did your wife divorce you?”

The man was shocked, “What? I am happily married, my wife did not divorce me.”

Norman said, “That’s good, let us write that down as number one on your right side. Now tell, me what type of drugs are your children taking.”

“Drugs?” the man asked. “My children are clean, they don’t take drugs.”

“Awesome let us write it down us number two: “Kids not in drugs”.

Norman kept asking similar questions until finally the man got what Norman was trying to say.

The man said. “I guess my life isn’t bad after all.”


Have the Right State of Mind

Have the Right State of Mind

What is the right state of mind?
Expect Good things to happen to you.

You see, perception is everything. What you perceive, becomes your reality.

Too often we focus ourselves on the Left side of our life and not see the Right side. We keep bringing back our past, past mistakes, past rejections, past failures. We can’t move on.

Some people live every year exactly the same way, and repeat it for 60-80 years and call it a life!

You have to learn to let go and move on.

Always remember that you and only you have the power to choose. You have been given this great gift to receive and interpret all the events that has happened to you as good. When you expect good things to happen to you, you can automatically block out all the negative things and cease to dwell upon them.

For example, you invited a friend of yours to an opportunity meeting at our head office, your friend said yes, and agrees to meet you around noontime. You got there 30 minutes earlier. However, one hour has past and your friend did not show up, you tried calling and texting but your friend did not reply. In other words, you got stood up.
If you expect good things to happen to you, you will have a better attitude in handling the moment, rather than slipping into a negative, angry state.

You could tell yourself that this could be a chance to learn more about our business and attend our free trainings and seminars, or this might be a chance for you to visit another prospect of yours that your putting off because of your tight schedule or you might be able to meet other people in the mall that could be your future business partner someday.

Now because you have the attitude of expecting good things to happen and having the Gift of Receiving, you find yourself always in a win-win situation, instead of always being a victim of your own circumstances. (Most of the time, we have this victim mentality.)

Based on experience, your most toxic relationship is the one you have with ourselves.

We have become our worst enemy
What is a victim mentality?
I’m not a good speaker. – Victim!
I hate math – Victim!
I’m not good looking – Victim!
I’m not good in sales. – Victim!
I have no money. – Victim!
I did not win in our Thanksgiving party raffle. I am unlucky. – Victim!
My boyfriend left me! – Victim!
I’m too shy, I have no time for love! – Victim!
Or sometimes when we fail, we punish ourselves and give labels like, “I’m a loser!”
Give yourself a break, don’t be a victim, instead be a victor!

Let go of you past, let go of the things that no longer serve you.

You have been living in the Left side of your life for a long time, it’s now time to change your focus and put your attention on the Right side. Open yourself up to the blessings around you and have the Gift of Receiving.

Ask, Believe, let go and Receive!

As a gift to you this Christmas, AIMCADEMY would like to share with you this wonderful poem.


Let go and let God!

Let go and let God
As children bring their broken toys for us to mend,

I brought my broken dreams to God because he is my friend,

But instead of letting God to work alone, I hung around and do something about it on my own.

Until one day, I grew impatient and asked, “God, how could you be so slow?”

“My child”, God said. “What could I do, you never did let go.”

AIMCADEMY would like to thank everyone in reading our blog.

We thank you all in joining the first and only MLM online school the world.

May your business flourished more next year!

Remember to eat healthy, be merry, and don’t just let your waistline grow but also your love to your family, friends, Uplines, Downlines, our Vice Presidents and Board of Directors as well.

And lastly, don’t forget to love yourself, because by loving yourself, you give permission for others to love you and have the capacity to love others even more.

Let go and Receive the love from God.

Merry Christmas,

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