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February 11, 2016 aimcademy

The Seven Deadly Pitfalls in AIM Global Network Marketing Business

(Blueprints to Success Part 2)

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.” – Author, Philosopher, Jim Rohn

If there are seven deadly sins in the Bible, there too in AIM Global Business seven deadly pitfalls. It is true to its word, they are “deadly” and could kill your dreams instantly.

Here they are:

1. Reinventing the Wheel.

Reinventing the Wheel
AIM Global networking business is very simple. The trouble is, some people makes it too complicated. It is just as simple as following the 80-20 rule.

What is the 80-20 rule?

AIM business is 80% sponsoring and 20% retailing.

So simple.

But why 80-20? Why not 50-50? Or 20-80?

Because the BIG money is found in the 80-20 rule. Sure you can still make money when you do 50-50 or even when you do 20-80 but if you want to maximize our marketing plan and make you first million in one or two years, we suggest you follow the 80-20 rule.

Why is it that other companies suggests 50% or more time for retailing?

This is because their products are good, but their marketing plan is lousy.

AIM Global is different, we have excellent products and a powerful marketing plan. It is so designed that while you go sponsoring your friends and relatives product sales and reorders comes along with it.

So make this business simple. It’s been tried and tested over the years. Don’t waste your time and energy reinventing the wheel.


2. Small time Attitude.

Small time Attitude
In this industry, your skill set from your past job has very little importance to none in your success as a network marketer. It would really depend upon your Attitude.

Some people starts this business with a small time thinking, with small time action and wonder why they have small time income. They treat this like it’s some kind of a game or hobby.

When you have this kind of thinking, the slightest inconvenience would make you quit right away.
“Ay walangakong internet, wag na lang.” (I don’t have internet so never mind.)

But did you know that we have Millionaires Club member who was paying P20/hour every day for a year just to go online.

“Upline, I can’t go to the office to attend training because it’s hot today.” Then the next training comes and you say, “Upline, I can’t attend the training because it’s too cold today.”

Your Upline then ask you, “So what’s the right temperature for you to attend?”

These crazy reasons won’t help you get to where you want.

You have to start BIG TIME. Your mindset should be like as if you have invested in millions of dollars or pesos to get in.

Think as if you have opened a giant supermarket store where you loaned a huge sum of money in the bank.
When you have this mindset, it’s pretty sure you would worked hard and think big time from Day 1 of your AIM Global career.


3. Procrastination

There was this Distributor named Pok. She was invited to an opportunity meeting in AIM Global, she got interested but was a little hesitant to join because she said she is busy with her work. After one month of continuous follow up from her Upline, she was then convinced to join. When they got to the office, lo and behold she saw her sister Wang, with some of her friends attending the business orientation.

Later she found out that her sister joined just three days ago and purchased seven global packages..Pok really regrets not joining quickly.

We just change the names but the above story is true. In this type of industry, you need to have a sense of urgency. You must understand that when you find it hard to decide if you would join AIM Global, right that moment you already made a decision.

Why do we procrastinate?
1. Don’t know how.
2. Don’t know why.
3. Don’t know when
4. Don’t like doing it.
5. Don’t like someone else is doing it.
6. Forgetfulness.

If you have these reasons, then we suggest you attend the NDO (New Distributors Orientation), if you can’t attend, then watch it here in AIMCADEMY.COM there are videos here that can help you gain more insights of all your questions regarding this business.

Don’t procrastinate. Start your financial plan now A day delay is a day delay to your financial freedom! ACT NOW.


4. Taking Rejections Personally.

Taking Rejections Personally
This is one whole topic in itself. It seems that rejection is the waterloo of many new distributors. Many quits right after one or two rejection. They take it personally, like as if they are so shock why their best friend said “no” to their offer. They feel that there is something wrong with them and they start justifying it by thinking that maybe this business is not for them after all.

Do not take rejection personally. It says nothing about you as a person. And rejection is part of life and it is not a personal attack.

There is a four letter word we must use when we get rejected – NEXT! When you hailed the first taxi you saw this morning going to work and for some reason it did not stop in front of you, did you know that is rejection too? But did you stop there? No, you just brushed it off and look for the next one.

There are certain number of reasons why people don’t join, perhaps it is not the right time, or you didn’t say the right words or they are altogether not the right person.

Right time, right words, right person is very crucial in finding a prospect that would say YES to you and the only way to find this people is to keep learning the business. Get a mentor, perhaps your upline to guide you.

We will also create an article about this so you can have an in-depth knowledge on how to handle it, but for now when somebody rejects you we leave you an old but effective formula. SW3 NEXT! Some will join you, some won’t join you. SO WHAT??? NEXT!!!


5. Neglecting your Retail Sales

Neglecting your Retail Sales
We discussed in the 80/20 rule in the 1st deadly pitfall in AIM Global business. Have you ever wondered why we didn’t say go 100% of your time on your sponsoring and leave none to your retail sales?

It is because the 20% time you dedicate to your retail sales should not be ignored. This is very important especially when you’re new. The 20% profit could help cover your daily operational allowance for food, gas, fare, internet and phone bills, in growing your network. A healthy networker should have at least 10-20 repeat retail customers.

You do not really need to be an expert in selling. Just talk about our products the way you talk to your friends about the great movie you saw over the weekend. Be excited and share the benefits. If they buy the product then fine, if not then it’s also fine. No hard selling. No hard feelings if they reject your offer.

The good part here is once they buy our products, since it is of excellent quality, the product would then speak for itself so don’t be surprised if after a month or two, they would call back to reorder for more. And pretty soon you might even get them interested to join the business.

Friends, believe us, you would not have a more powerful downline than the one who has tried ourproducts, got healed from a disease or had a better health then has become a serious networker. They are very unstoppable and won’t need more motivation in doing this business.

So don’t neglect your retails sales.


6. Listening to dream stealers.

Listening to dream stealers
It is natural for new distributors to invite their closest friends and relatives first to join this business, after all if you discovered a pile of gold under your backyard, you would most likely show and talk about this to your most trusted confidante.

The trouble is when you share this business to your best friend or relative some of them don’t really see “Gold” instead, they give you 101 reasons why you should stop doing this business. They would come up with stories of the past, like they would tell you that your Uncle tried doing business before and he failed or they would gossip to you about your next door neighbor who was victimized by a certain pyramid scam, etc.

If you are not careful and if you do not have a definite reason on why you join AIM Global, they could persuade you to quit.

We suggest to prepare yourself for these type of people. They disguised themselves as someone who cares for you, but in truth they are your dream stealers.

Listen to them only if they would pay your next electricity bill. Listen to them if they would pay your child’s tuition fee. Listen to them if they can give you enough money so that you can go home for good in your country because you were forced to work overseas for you family. Listen to them if they can give you your dream home or your dream car. Listen them if they can give you your financial and time freedom.

But if they can’t give you any of these, just say ”thank you”, go on your way and study the business more and learn it by heart and do your part. Then maybe someday when your already earning big you can make them listen to you this time.

Be wise, don’t listen to dream stealers.


7. Abusing your Upline

Abusing your Upline
We believe that your Upline has a great responsibility in helping you earn quickly in this business. It is your Upline’s job to train you, inspire you, lift you up when you are down, help you do one on one presentations, help you do group presentations both online and offline, reserves seats for your guest at our offices.

If your Upline is this powerful and supportive, be thankful, because you have a great leader to guide you.

If your Upline is weak, still be thankful, because you have the opportunity to step up young and early in your networking career as a leader.

There is a lot at stake being an Upline. To be an Upline means that you assume the role of a mentor or a coach of your group.

However there is a “cooking time” that an Upline can only give to you. “Cooking time” means a certain amount of time that your Upline will be there to do everything for you. This means that there should also be a time that you as a follower or student must learn how to step up and be a leader yourself.

Remember your Upline is not your employee. You are business partners and as business partners you have to treat your Upline with the kind of respect you want to be treated. Some downlines burn their Uplines with endless complaints, lamentations and other emotional demands.

So learn quickly as you can because you are not forever a mere downline. The moment somebody joins you in this business, you also assume the role of an Upline.


No Secrets
There is no secrets to success, these are all results of hard work, following proven systems and preparation.
It all starts with your desire to succeed.

Wishing you Abundance of Success.

And as always here is to the inevitable achievement of your dreams.

Happy Networking!


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