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October 6, 2015 aimcademy

Use all of the Products, Know all the Products

“Use your products and let people see you doing it. People will ask you about them. Simple, easy way to create business.”– Todd Falcone, MLM trainer, coach and author.

How would you know if AIM Global products really work?

How can you be sure that they are effective?

There is only one way to find out.

Try it!

It is just like the restaurant analogy. How would you know if the food in a restaurant is delicious or not if you don’t taste it? The same thing goes in knowing our products.

Like what many of our product speakers say, “Be a user before you become a pusher.” If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you should use all your products because unlike other professions like doctors, lawyers, accountants etc., we don’t really have formal training here.

Sure we can attend product presentations in our offices every day, we can read brochures, we can watch the training videos, but nothing beats the experience of using the products ourselves. When you use the products, you become an expert overnight – you do not need to memorize every detail or benefits of each product. The truth is, our customers or prospects in the beginning do not care how many phyto-nutrients our C-24/7 contains, or how much resveratrol there is in our VIDA juice, all they want to know is if the product works and if you use it, and what effect it has on you.

Have you ever wondered why people like Mr. Carlo Buenaventura, a Civil Engineer, Mr. Elny Tare, a former Barangay official or Mr. Leo Caduyak, a former tricycle driver became some of our Top Distributors? This guys are not experts when they started network marketing, they were not salesmen, they never had marketing training in their past, but they have sales amounting to millions each year.

The secret is they simply tried the products, and let their experience about it do the talking.


Why is it so important to use our products?

Why is it so important to use our products
It is because this is a copy business.

Plus how can you share the products if you don’t know how it tastes? How it looks like?


Power Upline

There is this story of an upline who had a new downline pay-in. The downline upon reaching her home called the upline and asked, Upline what is the right dosage in taking perfect white? I want to use it have a much fairer skin.”

The upline never tried using perfect white, so he said, “Take 2 tablespoons, once aday.”

The downline replied, “Uh upline, how many tablets should I put in one tablespoon?”

Tsk tsk.

But the upline is smart, he said “I was just kidding, come over to my house and I will teach you how to use our products.”

When the downline arrived in her upline’s house, she asked if she could use the restroom. Once inside, she noticed that the toothpaste being used is chemical based. She muttered, “Aha, upline it seems you are not using our Naturacentials Toothpaste!”

Tsk tsk.

Then as she turned and wash her hands, she notice that the bar soap is the ordinary brand. She muttered again, “Aha! Upline, it seems you are not using our Naturacentials Deep Cleansing and Whitening bar!”

Tsk tsk.

She then opened the medicine cabinet and found all types of medicine but not even one capsule of C-24/7 or Complete! She said, “Aha! Upline you are not taking any of our food supplements, no wonder you look so frail and unhealthy.”

When she went out of the restroom, her upline said, “Okay downline are you ready for our product training!”

The downline said, “That’s okay upline, I already learned a lot.”

Upline asked, “Really, what did you learn?”

Downline said, “I will not use the products, just like you. You are my idol remember!”


Remember friends, this business is a copy business; there are people around you who looks up to you. Most of the time, it is not really what you say that they remember, it what you do. Your team watches you. They copy what they see and they do it.

It goes the same with using the products.

The question is, what is it you are doing right now that you want them to see?

Only you can answer that.

Happy Networking!


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