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January 20, 2016 aimcademy

How to manifest your dream-come-true life?

(Blueprints to Success Part 1)

“If you don’t design your life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much”. – Jim Rohn

It’s a brand new year again! Cheers to everyone!

Happy new you! Happy new life!

Yes, we know it’s already mid-January but you can’t deny, it still is a brand new year!

So… how was your new year’s resolution going?

A few days ago a friend of ours was greeted by another friend, “Happy New Year!” What’s your new year’s resolution?

The friend replied, “Anong new year? Anong New Year’s resolution? Tapos na new year noh?” (What New Year? What New Year’s resolutions? New Year is already finished!)

It’s almost like as if he was saying New Year is only a one time event that happens only in New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.

And this is why a lot of the New Year’s resolution fail. People forget to follow-up on their goals.

Maybe you won’t feel it now because it’s still early in the year but in the coming days and months ahead, you can see the lack of commitment to make it happen.

A popular new year’s resolution is losing weight. You might find it hard to park your car going to the gym because for sure all gyms are packed. You might also see a lot of people jogging early in the morning to exercise too.
But all of these is only happening because it’s January. Wait next month or March. The gym is all yours for the taking.

We all have fallen to this trap. Maybe not about health, but perhaps with our finances or relationship. We set out to do things early in the year, but fail to follow through.

Not to worry, because these things will not happen to you, not today, not this year. We will help you press the Reset button and start Afresh.

The first step to be big in 2016 and achieve your wildest dreams is to declare!


I Declare

I Declare
Pastor Joel Osteen from his book, “I Declare” said that, “The words you speak set the course for your future.”

This is very true because words have energy, it has power. Your words can uplift you or destroy you. It has the ability to inspire, energize and love another person but it also has the capability to discourage and hate.

Use your words into your own favor.

Set an intention for abundance this year. Go in front of the mirror and tell yourself, “I am happy, whole, healthy, abundant, loving and kind.” “I am happy, whole, healthy, abundant, loving and kind.”

Repeat it every day. Make it your own mantra.

Say it with conviction. Believe in it. Surrender to it.

Ask any successful person today, all of them in the beginning have set an intention to become successful, and that they have become.

This is how the Universe operates. You have to set an intention first before you go take action.

The scripture says, Ask and Receive. You have to ask first.

But be careful on what you ask, don’t ask negatively. When you say “I don’t want to be poor” Your subconscious mind can only remember one word from your statement. And that is the word “poor.”

It’s just like Google, when you type “I don’t want to be poor, your screen will be flooded of images of scarcity and poor people.

Instead say, “I am already rich.” (Even if you’re not) Why?

Someone is listening.

Your subconscious mind.

And God.

And when these happens, it will bring experiences that will validate what you are saying.

It could be through your relationship where the right person will come to you.

Or a positive result on your medical report.

Or maybe in business where 5 people have come forward to buy 7 Global Packages from you.

So go ahead and declare your dreams. Just remember, words are powerful, if you put it into action, it can be life changing.


Dream big! If it offends someone, so what?! Dream bigger!

Dream Bigger
The next step in manifesting your dream-come-true life is very obvious.

You have to learn how to dream. (I told you it’s obvious.)

But few people really know how to dream and in worst case scenario a lot of people never dream at all.

They simply forgot about it. It could be because of negative upbringing or past failures and rejections.

They have let their circumstances or other people steal their dreams from them. Sadly most of those “other people” are actually the people that you love.

They would hear words from their parents like, “Anak, mahirap lang tayo kaya wag mo masyadong paliparin ang isip mo na mangarap ng malaki.” (My child, were poor, so don’t let your mind wander into dreaming too big.)

Or maybe after telling your spouse that you dream of buying a new car and a new house, he or she would say,”Mangangarap ka ng kotse? Bahay? E yung bayad sa kuryente di pa nga bayad.” (You’re dreaming of buying a new car and a new house but our electricity bill hasn’t been paid yet?)

Or perhaps after attending an Opportunity Meeting with AIM Global you got so excited and tell your kids, “Mga anak, yayaman na tayo!” (My children were going to be rich!) And one of your child would say “Nay, gutom lang yan…. Kanina naglalaba lang kayo, ngayon yayaman na hahaha” (Mom, you must be hungry… a while ago your just doing laundry and now you’re telling us we will be rich hahaha)

These people may have the purest intention of discouraging you, and that is they don’t want you to get hurt when you fail. But what makes them think you are going to fail in the first place? They don’t know you from the inside.

They don’t know what kind of stuff you are made of. You are a child of God, and as a child of God you have the right to dream.

So always dream big, and don’t be realistic about your dream.

We say, “Be unrealistic.”

Yes, you heard us right.

Be unrealistic.


If someone told the Wright brothers to be realistic in their dreams, we would not have an aluminum tube frame with wings flying in the air serving a million passengers a year to their destination.

If someone told Henry Siy to be realistic in his dreams, then we would not have supermalls called SM or Shoemart making him the richest man in the Philippines.

If someone told Dr. Ed Cabantog, Eng. Francis Miguel and Mr. Raymond Asperin to be realistic in their dreams, we would not have the best MLM and Direct Sales Company in the World called Alliance in Motion Global.

Being realistic is the most commonly travelled road to mediocrity,
Why would you be realistic? There is no point in being realistic.

The most successful people in this world have all been “unrealistic” in their dreams. The first question they ask themselves is not How it will be done, it is the Why it will be done, then the What and How comes next.


Action Plan

Action Plan
It’s your turn, go and write down your personal declaration for 2016. Then post it in your Facebook wall or print it out to carry with you wherever you go so that you be reminded that wherever you go, your intention is on its way to you.

If you don’t have an intention use “I am happy, whole, healthy, abundant, loving and kind.”

Use it, feel it, and live it!

Next week we are going to continue with Part 2 of our Blueprint to Success.

We believe the Universe has prepared the very best blessing for you this 2016

Have faith. Trust the process. The best is yet to come!

Here is to the inevitable achievement of your dreams!

Liven Coffee Talk
It’s your coffee break from work, and you are sitting next to your office mate. Just casually say:

“So how long do you plan to work here?”

Then sit back and relax and see if the conversation could lead to a good prospect.

Happy Networking!


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