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MLM Godfather – Super Prospecting with AIM Global

“Persuasion – a spoonful of honey can catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar.” – Benjamin Franklin

“I will make him an offer he can’t refuse.” This is what Don Vito Corleone from the movie Godfather said every time he wants to get something done. It literally means, do this or I will kill you. One time he had a godson, a singer named Johnny Fontaine. Johnny when he was starting out signed his services to a big band. But he went solo and as his career became better and better, he wanted out from the band. Unfortunately this band leader doesn’t want to let go of Johnny, so he sought helped from his godfather.

Don Corleone then went to this band leader and offered $10,000 just to let Johnny go. But the band leader said no. The next day, the Don went back to the band leader but this time with one of his gangsters. One hour later the band leader signed Johnny’s release for a certified check of $1,000.

How did he do that?

Well, the Don offered the guy something he can’t refused. While his gangster is holding a gun to the band leaders head, he assured him that it’s either his brains or his signature will be on the contract.


Creating powerful offers

Creating powerful offers
There are lessons that could be learned from the story above if you are a serious network marketer. No, it is not pointing a gun to your prospects head and asking them to choose between buying a Global Package and be a member or having their brains inside a package if they don’t.

Not that.

It’s too disgusting.

And you could end up in jail afterwards.

It is actually the message behind this story that you could learn and take home with you.

It is about creating powerful offers that could skyrocket your income up to the stars.

In our everyday life, if you really notice, offers are being made constantly. You go to the mall, you see many things on display in each store, and in most cases there is an offer just beside each item like “buy 1 take 1” or “ 50% off today only”.

You go to a restaurant and again offers are being made like “buy our special meal today and you get a FREE bucket of hot soup! Or unlimited rice!

“You buy a new car today and your salesman would throw in offers like FREE carwash, FREE maintenance, FREE towing for the next six months.

When your home, you talk to your kids, you need to master creating powerful offers too.

Which do you think is more effective?

1. Son, please fix up your room.


2. Son, if you fix up your room I am going to give you a FREE trip to Disneyland, buy you a new toy, give you a new gadget and treat you to Dunkin Donut this weekend!

Son: Wow Dunkin Donuts this weekend!! I need a broom right away! (Some kids are so easy to please)
In network marketing we too create offers to our prospects. We offer them to buy our product, join our business, attend our opportunity meetings, etc.

The trouble with this is, some of our offers are very lame. It does not excite our prospects. In fact some of our offers sound boring to them.

The standard words that we say is “give me P7980 and I will give you a Global Package.” It may not exactly be what we say but that is how it sounds to our prospects mind. It makes them want to talk about the weather instead.
Here are more examples of how our invitation sounds when our prospects hear them. Again it may not be exactly what you said, but they run these conversation inside their heads as you are speaking.

Do you want extra income? (Wow, not another scam!)

Buy this product, it is very effective. (Yeah right, that is what everybody will say.)

Come and attend our seminar tonight. (Seminar? Sounds like a prayer meeting. So boring.)

Join me now and become a member. (LOL, and then you can make money out of me!)

All these offers make a potential MLM leader into a negative, judgmental network marketing hater. No wonder you could not sponsor your brother in law, best friend or cousin into your business.

Remember as MLM pro Tom “Big Al” Schreiter said, “The first 20 seconds of your conversation with your prospect is the most crucial part of your MLM success.” Whatever words that come out of your mouth on those first 20 seconds would be process inside of the brain of the person you’re speaking to as something that could pique their interest or it could sound their negative alarm of staying away from you.

So if you could not sponsor anyone into your business, you have to reflect upon the way you have package your proposal to them.


Romancing the Global Package

When you say come join me for P7980 and I will give you a kit which contains our products and services, it may bring prospects to be interested to you. However, that is what everybody else is saying already. Anyone can know that information just by going to our website, or somehow they have already heard it in our daily seminars and even watched our business presentation in YouTube. But what if you add more extras to your offer. Here are a few examples.

– When you buy our Global package, you get a free training worth over $5,000 from our experienced trainers.

– Second, you can get free coaching from our Uplines. They can teach you their easiest way to become a Global Ambassador. In this way, you do not have to do this business by trial and error. Sometime we even treat you for a free lunch or dinner just to divulge these hidden information to you so that you can be successful right away.

– Third, you can get the best and the latest technology on how to build a solid network that can last a lifetime. You see network marketing has been around for so many years, sadly there are Companies that are still using an old technology that is already obsolete and could not be applied in today’s market. AIM Global will provide you with an upgraded and faster technology so that you can start earning the income you desire easily and effortlessly.

– Fourth, when you buy your package, you will have somebody to guide you in speaking to your prospects. You do not have to convince people. You do not have to master the art of selling or persuasion right away. Someone is already assigned to do that for you for free.

– Fifth, you also have, because of our Royalty Income, a business that can be transferred to your family should one day you be gone. You see the only people who have royalty incomes are actors, singers, authors, musicians. Take the Beatles or Michael Jackson, they are still making money even when they are physically gone because of the royalties they are earning from their songs, props or even crazy things like their underwear. But because you are with AIM Global, you can still make money even if you are six feet under the ground.

– Sixth, you will also have a confirmed reservation in our Sales Rally, Anniversary celebration, Awards night the whole year round. We have invested in thousands of dollars just to hold these events, we even hire popular singers, actors for your entertainment. The events take place in some of the biggest stadiums and arenas around the country. Plus you get a free t-shirt that makes you a proud member of AIM Global.

– Seventh, if you are living abroad you need not to worry, because we send speakers to your country just to hold big business orientations, we invested money for their travel and hotel so that we can bring the best trainers to you to convince your prospect. All you need to do is bring people in and we will be the one doing the talking.

And finally number eight, you can have free access to the first MLM online school called AIMCADEMY. In this website, you will learn all the hidden secrets of attraction, great tips from leaders of the industry, powerful mantras and training materials that can surely guide you towards your path to financial freedom. You gain access to videos, blogs like these one that can surely create massive success to your networking career.

Now tell me, does this added offer get your prospect even more excited in joining your business? You know in life, in order for you to rise above the competition, you have to do at least 10% more than what the others are doing.
The difference between the extra-ordinary to ordinary networkers is the little EXTRA.

The good news is your added benefits does not cost you anything you know why?

It is because you are already doing it. You just didn’t highlight those extra benefits. So make sure you apply those little extras in order for you get more results into your business.


Plan your Offer

Plan your Offer
A little planning in creating powerful offers in your network marketing career would surely bring more results to you. It is not enough to just go out there and simply say whatever you feel like saying, you have to plan things. Network Marketing is scientific. We have gone past the trial and error stage. The road is already paved. So you better make sure you teach your Downlines the right approach in talking to their prospects. Some of us would think that our new Downlines already know everything, so we just tell them, “Go invite people”.

It is almost like as if we have thrown them in a lion’s den with only a stick for protection. They would all be eaten alive.
Now to end this, let us give you our final offer.

“If you do not start creating, powerful, benefit dripping offers to your prospects………. We are going to block your account, tell your whole neighborhood what a boring leader you are, ask you Uplines to ignore you, start charging you for seminars and not treat you to Dunkin Donut!”


Action Plan

It’s you turn. What powerful benefit dripping offer could you create in order to close more people to joining your organization. Write it down now.

Create an offer that you prospect could not refuse!

Here’s to the inevitable achievement of your hopes and dreams.


Learn How to Invite Prospects

“If you do not ask, the answer is always NO.” – MLM legend, Jun Kintanar

If you want to be a successful network marketer with AIM Global, it is not enough that you are motivated. While motivation is vital for success to happen, it is still important to learn the right skills in order to get to your desired outcome quickly. As the philosopher, Jim Rohn said, “Motivation alone is not enough, if you have an idiot and you motivate him, you now have a motivated idiot.” This only means that you should not assume that your new distributors would know everything just because he or she is excited to do the business.

Learning new skills are important, the faster you learn this skills, the faster you can gain massive success and earn residual income that could greatly benefit you and your family.

The good thing about Network Marketing is that this skills cost less or even FREE to learn. Unlike in other careers like sports athletes, medical doctors, lawyers, engineers, the skills needed to learn here could cost you lots of time and money and yet Network Marketers have proven to create more Millionaires than any other profession in this world.

The first and MAJOR skill that you need to learn in Network Marketing is how to invite prospects. Since we are into people business, the proper skills that you can adapt here is close to being priceless. It can propel you to great heights that not even you can foresee.


So what are the steps in learning how to invite prospects?

So what are the steps in learning how to invite prospects

1. The first thing to remember is that people do not just join your business.They actually join YOU.

If they already got to the point of registering for a single or multiple accounts always remember that these people decided to join primarily because of you. The character within you or perhaps the relationship that you have built with your prospect was the deciding factor. The products, marketing plan etc. follows only afterwards.

So if you want to attract people to join you, be an attractive person. This also applies if you are into online marketing. Be a reliable person, which means you have to make constant communication with the people you connect with online. Build friendships, build relationships.

Don’t open your conversation with the goal of recruiting the other person right away. They will run away from you.
Inspire them at first by showing examples of the different people with different backgrounds who have made it big in this business. Then educate them with our products and how much it could provide value to them and to their families. After doing this, step back and let your prospect decide on your offer.


2. The next step is you have to always be enthusiastic. This applies whether you are speaking to them via 1-on-1 meeting, small group presentation or even online video or chat like (skype).

There is a big difference in saying, “C’mon friend, take a look at my offer, we have foreigners joining us plus you also have a chance to travel abroad for free” in an enthusiastic way to that of saying it in a monotone way.

The latter would sound like as if your business has already closed down even if it has even started.

Remember this, aside from food, clothing and shelter MAN has other needs. You can capitalize with these needs as you go on prospecting.

They are…


MAN needs Security

MAN needs Security
Man needs the basics in life to survive, as stated above, we all need food, shelter and clothing. Such needs could only be enjoyed if you have an income to sustain it. There are prospects out there that don’t get motivated at first with the huge income our business offers. So instead of saying you can earn big income like tens of thousands of dollars a month, you can offer them a chance to earn at least 25% -50% retail profit part time.

Let us share you some example.

A call center agent in the Philippines has a salary of about P15, 000-20,000 (US$350-450) per month. If you came out to them and offer an extra income of P100, 000/month, some people might not believe you. But if you came up to them and say that they can earn an extra P1,000 -2,000 sideline income without their boss around them, there is a big chance of them taking your offer.

Is P1, 000-2,000/month extra income big to most employees?

You bet. Have you ever seen your officemates having a big deal of salary discrepancy of about P10-20.?

There was a time were violent rallies were made just for the sake of a salary increase of P1- (one peso).
So were pretty sure that an amount of 1k-2k increase in income could surely be a great help to compensate some of our prospects daily allowance.


MAN needs LOVE

MAN needs LOVE - ALIVE Foundation
MAN needs LOVE
There are people around us who are not motivated by money. We have prospects that are already very rich. These people would not join you if you came up and tell them if they can earn P100, 000 or even a million a month income. They have been there already.

Can you imagine if you try to invite your Uncle who owns a huge factory and owns acres of land in his province and your first sentence is, “ahh umm, Uncle, do you want to be rich?” It is more than likely that you could get turned down.

But what if you came up to him and say, “Uncle in this business, we go out every month to bond, and we also have an ALIVE foundation wherein we give help to our less fortunate brothers and sisters.” This could stimulate interest for your uncle to join the business because he has a chance to do some charity works.
Man, wants to give LOVE and be LOVED.



It is a given fact, not all highly paid professionals are really happy with their life. This goes to show that money never makes you happy. What makes them happy is when they have this success feeling, like when they are recognize for the work that they do.

Here in AIM Global, we never fall short of recognition. We always give time in recognizing our distributors for every level of achievement. Last year alone, we held about 4 big events in major coliseums and arenas in the country.

So if you have a prospect like a highly paid doctor for example, you could say something like, “Doc, if you become a Global Ambassador in this business, you can have a chance to speak to a lot of people and share the great benefits of our products and services.”

You could create your own group, name it as you wish and elect yourself as President or the CEO of that group. It is all up to you.



It has been said that the poorest man on earth is not the man who does not have money – it is the one who does not have dreams. A lot of people, because of the many hardships in life have forgotten on how to dream.

In Network Marketing, we revive those dreams. We teach people that there is more to life than working from 9-5 just to pay the bills and retire.

The biggest dreams we can offer is that you can have FREEDOM. Freedom from your financial woes, as well as the limited time you give to yourself and family.

So tell your prospect that this Business offers them both financial and time freedom. It will help them bring back the time that they have lost because of your job and have the money to enjoy that time.


Closing Comments

Network Marketing is a business. We recommend that you treat it as such. When you become a serious professional networker, the business would then be serious with you.

Treat it as just mere sideline business, then the results that you would get is also just mere sideline income.
Treat it as a big time business, then the income would also be big time.

Whatever is your choice, just make sure that you take time to learn on how to build your network properly, because there are no short cuts in networking.

Have a genuine desire to help others succeed

We will see you at the TOP!

Building up the Right MLM Attitude

“He who has a deep WHY can endure a hard HOW” – AIMCADEMY

The right concept of our business is this:

Attitude – 85%

Skills – 15%

Did you notice it?

If you have the right attitude in AIM Global, you have an 85% chance of succeeding in this business.

That sentence alone provides hope for our many people across the globe that do not have the opportunity to have a good education due to poverty to come into our business and have a chance to have financial freedom and a better life for themselves and their families. Network Marketing is the ultimate leveling field for everybody. It does not matter if you’re rich or poor, college graduate or not, young or old. Everybody has a chance to make it big in our company.

When World War II ended, everybody got a fresh start in their lives. Everybody started as equals. The gap between the haves and the have-nots are wiped out. Japan alone was almost annihilated, but the ones who survived got a second chance to have a good life. Yes, the war indeed was a great equalizer. Almost every country and everybody starts from ground zero.

Today, almost 70 years after the war, there is a glaring difference between the rich and the poor. The ones who flourished and thrived were the ones who were open to opportunities and have adapted faster than the others. Japan, post-war and up to now, entered a period of economic growth. They have solidified themselves as one of the most affluent country in the world. The countries and people who continue to live in their old ways of thinking and making money were the ones who are left behind.

The good news is, we now have Network Marketing, and we now have AIM Global. It is a fair business where there is an equal opportunity for everyone to succeed. The only catch here brings us back to what we were saying earlier and that is you need to have the right attitude when you start this business.

There are many types of attitude that you have to possess if you want to be rich, but we believe the most important is that you must have a Good Learning Attitude.


Learning Happens Everywhere

learning happens everywhere
If you love sports, say basketball. Do you think you should give yourself some time in practicing the right way of shooting the ball, the best way to play defense, the correct way of passing to your teammate etc?

If you want to become great in programming, don’t you think you should at least enroll yourself in any schools that offer IT courses so that you could learn?

If you want to be an accountant and you’re not good in math, don’t you think it would be wise to learn how to add, subtract, divide and multiply?

If you want to become a Global Ambassador in AIM Global, would you use your programming skills in building a network?

These examples may be absurd but some people really think that they can use their skills from their old or current jobs to be a millionaire with AIM.

It’s a bit weird, don’t you think?

Again we all start at ground zero, meaning we don’t know Network Marketing when we begin that is why we suggest every member to take time to learn everything there is to know about our business.

It cannot happen overnight, and it will never happen, because there is always something new to learn. The good news is there are teachers around you that are more than willing to help you as long as you are ready and willing to be helped. As the saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

The trouble with some people is they try to reinvent the wheel, they think that their system is much more effective. They don’t listen to their Uplines because they feel that they are much better than them. They think, they are better than the Marketing Team, the Training Team AND that is why they don’t follow their leaders. If this happens to you, we suggest you think twice before acting. Remember, the best leaders in the world became good followers first.

If you were not a good follower when you start this business, don’t expect your Downlines to follow you too in the future. This is a copy business. You need to be more aware on how you act, how you speak, because there are people under your group who are closely watching you, and trying to emulate you.

Again, if you want to be a good leader, be a good follower first.


The Secret Bridge

the secret bridge
Let us end with this wonderful story.

There was this young fisherman who was told that the best and the biggest fish to catch are in the other side of the lake from where he is fishing. The problem is there was no boat to get to the other side, so he was left to fish in his current spot because he has no choice. After about an hour of no catch, he saw three old fishermen walked by. Without warning, the first old man jumped in the lake and to his surprise, he was somehow standing up on top of the water, then he took another step, still standing up, and another until after about ten steps he got to the other side of the lake.

The young man was astonished. He said, “Wow! What Kung-Fu was that?

Then, he was again surprised when the second old fisherman jumped into the lake, and did the same step over the water like the first fisherman until he got to the other side.

The young man was again in disbelief. He said “Wow! What Kung-Fu was that?

Then finally the third old fisherman followed the first two and did the same steps crossing the lake.

The young man really could not believe his eyes. He said, “Wow! What Kung-Fu was that?

A thought came into his head. He said to himself, “I can do that, I know a little Kung-Fu too.” So the young man, position himself at the bank of the lake and took the first step and fell under water! The young man, gasping for air called out for help before he fell unconscious.

He woke up after about ten minutes and he saw the three old fishermen who helped him from drowning.

He was asked by one, “Are you trying to commit suicide?” He then said he just want to cross the lake like them to catch bigger fish. He said, “I saw all three of you walk on water, can you please teach me how you do that?

The three men smiled and said, “Twenty years ago there was an old bridge here that fell, and we happen to know where the posts that was left by the bridge. We were not walking in water – we are walking on bridge posts.

The young man was shocked and asked, “How did you know where the posts are?

The old men said, “Well son, we know because we have been fishing here for more than thirty years now. So we truly know.

Our dear friends, we have a big tip for you if you want to be rich quickly in AIM Global.

Just follow your Uplines, follow the Marketing Team, follow the Training Team and most of all follow the Board of Directors.

They have been fishing for many years now. The BOD and the Training Team alone has a combined 70 years of MLM experience.

And believe us, they have caught many BIG fishes!

Have a Good Learning Attitude and we will see you at the top!


Foundation of Networking Success Part 3: Service

“Serve first, and the money will follow” – Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author Bo Sanchez

Today’s article completes the three foundations of your Network Marketing Success with AIM Global. Again each foundation is highly important but it could not stand alone by itself. It’s just like a tri-pod, if you remove one leg, the equipment becomes unbalance and it would then fall down. You must be willing to work on all three.
Today we will talk about Service.

If you want to prosper, you have to serve. This statement applies in every aspect in life be It in family, business, personal etc. That is why Service in AIM Business requires 100% of your time because if you don’t give your 100%, your business could die out quickly.

You may be the expert in sponsoring new directs, that you can sponsor 100 people in a year. You may be so good in selling that you can sell over a million worth of products just by yourself, but if you are so poor when it comes to giving service to your new downlines or customers. Don’t expect your business to grow as big as you want it to be. You can’t be successful in this business on your own.

Real profit in our business, comes from repeat orders, repeat customers. These are your customers who boast about our products and service. These are your downlines who are able to duplicate you and bring in new friends and prospects with them.

People do not care how much you know, they want to know how much you care.
We all heard their stories. People coming from different groups, or other networking companies, who after joining the business, and investing their hard earned monies was left behind by their uplines or the company itself to work on their own. They were not guided or trained. They were left in the dark.

This is one of the reasons why there are negative people in our industry. People who was once positive in our business but suddenly becomes the opposite because of the bad experience they had from their previous upline or company.

That is why we highly advise that you should take care of your downlines. Do not leave them alone and untrained especially when they are new.

If you want to have a Big and solid network, make sure that you increase your Service.

Business with a Higher Purpose
There are three ways to increase your service in AIM GLOBAL.

They are:

(1) Size, (2) Strength, (3) Spirit

1. Increase the SIZE of your Service

Increase the size
Mark Zuckerberg is a computer programmer and internet entrepreneur. He is best known as one of the five co-founders of the social networking website, Facebook. He now stands as the chairman and CEO of Facebook, Inc. Last March 2015, his estimated wealth is said to have reached $35.1 billion. That is not bad for a guy, who dropped out from college and only created Facebook in his dormitory.

Why is Mark so rich?

It is because as of 2012, Facebook reached a total of one billion users. Now that is a lot of people right?
That only means one thing; the guy is serving more than a billion people around the world. These are one billion people who post, like, unlike, comment, share, friend, unfriend or any other activity this website can do. He serves people who use Facebook as a means to do business or just simply to catch up with friends and relatives and have a peek into what is going on with each other’s lives.
No wonder he is rich.

Let us give you another example.

Our Top Distributor Joseph Lim is now earning over P3 million a month. He is currently ranked 114 as the top earning networker in the world.

He has an estimated 30,000 Downlines as of today.

These are 30,000 people who use our products, shares the products, prospects new blood. Joseph goes around the country to speak for this people and try to train, motivate and inspire them and help them build a successful networking business of their own.

No wonder he is so rich.

Let us ask you. How many people are you serving today? Is it 10 people? 100 people? 1000 people?

Now you know what we mean when we say, “increase the size” of your service.

2. Increase the STRENGHT of your service

Increase the strength
You gain strength by giving your best in servicing your Downlines. An example is when your new downline invites you to his house to present the business in front of his relatives and friends, make sure you are fully prepared in speaking about the products and the marketing plan. When we say prepared we mean you put yourself in a position to share the opportunity the best way you can.

Be prepared physically. Dress like a Global Ambassador, Smell like a Global Ambassador. Speak like a Global Ambassador, even if you are not.

Be knowledgeable. Make sure you become an expert on what you are going to say. Don’t exaggerate. Learn how to handle objections. Remember your downline put a lot of effort in organizing the meeting so do the best that you can.

So in a nutshell, when we say strength, we mean you have to try to do your 100% all the time in servicing your downline.

In size, you ask yourself, “How many downlines and customers do I serve?” and in Strength, you ask “How many downlines or customer have been satisfied in my service?”

3. Increase the SPIRIT of your Service

Increase the spirit
The most powerful force in the Universe is LOVE. Love conquers all things. If you want to have a big and solid network, you have to put love in your business.

To give real service you must add something that cannot be bought or measured by money. That is love to your group.

Imagine this scenario.
Two AIM Global distributors are inviting you to join the business. One is someone you know, and the other is a stranger. Who would you say yes to?

Second scenario
Two AIM Global distributors are inviting you to join the business. One is someone you know and the other is someone you like. Who would you say yes to?

Third scenario
Two AIM Global distributors are inviting you to join the business. One is someone you like and the other is someone you love. Who would you say yes to?

We believe you already know the answers.

Business is all about relationships.

There may sometimes where you lack the size, or you may be bad in strength but if you have a great spirit, this could compensate the lack of the other two.

It is because in size, you ask “How many Downlines you serve?” In strength, “How many Downlines are satisfied with your service?” In spirit, “How many Downlines have become your friends?”

In AIM GLOBAL the word “service” is our second nature. Our website AIMCADEMY alone is just one proof of it. We are a global business that serves global distributors around the world that is why our Service echoes worldwide.

So stop thinking too much of the money. Stop thinking about making a million peso or dollars, and start thinking of serving a million people.

Happy Networking! We are happy to serve you!

Foundation of Networking Success Part 1: Sponsoring

“If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.” – Zig Ziglar

The three major foundation of your success in AIM Global business are the three (S’s). They are Sponsoring, Selling and Service. Each component is highly important, but they could not stand alone without the other two. They are like members of a band, when one goes out, everyone goes out.

Today, we are going to talk about Sponsoring.

Some people call it recruiting. In AIM Global, we call it Sponsoring. They may technically sound the same, but there is a wide gap of difference when it comes to application. We liken “recruiting” to the military system, where you hire and train people so that these soldiers can serve for their country. Recruiting is more like getting people to work or do something for you without much to give back in return to them.

Sponsoring is different. When you sponsor someone, it is like being a godfather or a godmother to a new born baby. There are responsibilities associated with it. It is more of you serving people, training them, working with them, caring for them until they could fly on their own and in turn serve other people.


No Sponsor, No network

If you don’t sponsor people, you are not into Networking Business. The very reason why Network Marketing is called that way is because you have to establish an organization who believes in your system, people who uses our products, sells our products and promotes our business.

There is a big disparity of profit from owning one retail store versus owning two or more. We know this sounds obvious, but it is the same reason why there is sponsoring in Network Marketing. It is because you are like opening more stores or outlet and thus increasing your income just the same.

This is how big Sponsoring people is in our business.
That is why we advise all distributors to devote 80% of their time in sponsoring as much people as they can. This is where the BIG money really comes from.

No sponsor, No network
So get as much INFORMATION AND TRAINING on how to sponsor more effectively, because once you master how to sponsor, you are one step ahead of building a huge and powerful organization.


It Starts with YOU

It starts with you
Before we go further down on our topic about sponsoring, we must backpedal a little bit on who to Sponsor first. There are lots of books and trainings flowing in the internet on how to sponsor other people, but we believe the first person that you have to sponsor is yourself. When we say sponsor yourself, we do not just mean to swipe your credit card or pull out a minimum of USD 180 (P7980) from your wallet and buy your Global Package. Sponsoring yourself does not mean buying multiple accounts. (There are distributors who buy 7 accounts and quits before he or she even gets started).

Sponsoring yourself is having the mindset that you can succeed in AIM Global. It means that you have a strong belief that you can earn your first million with AIM because of our proven products and marketing plan. Sponsoring yourself also means that you will do whatever it takes to become a Global Ambassador. It is having the commitment and the discipline to learn as much as you can.

Sponsoring yourself is having the ability to understand that as long as you don’t give up, as long as you don’t quit, you have put yourself in a good position to become a millionaire and be a blessing to the people you love.


Change your image

Change your image
Do you want to sponsor your business minded friends?

Do you want to invite your rich neighbor because he/she has the capacity to be a member right away?

Do you want your aunt or uncle who is the leader of a big organization to join you because they have a lot of contacts that they can refer to you?

The type of people above are your ideal prospects to invite in AIM Global, they are sometimes called the “Big Fish” in our industry. The reason why they are called that way is because they have the “potential” in helping you build a huge organization.

Now some people have a hard time inviting this type of prospects. They think that this type of prospects for some reasons would not be interested. They tend to judge them right away.

The truth is, these people are the easiest to invite in Network Marketing. You don’t need to further explain the importance of having a business, and it is easy for them to join quickly plus they already have a huge list of contacts that they in turn could share the business with.

What holds back most distributors in inviting them is the lack of confidence. Our VP for Business Development Mr. Jurgen Gonzales said that, “Confidence is free, but it can make you a lot of money.
One of the easiest ways to have confidence in AIM is to change your image. We strongly advise that you change the way you dress, the way you speak and the way you think.

Just think about this, you have two close friends inviting you to attend a business orientation. Your first friend is dress neatly, hair done nicely, while your second friend is dress in shorts, plain t-shirt and slippers. Who would you think you would say yes to? It is more than likely that you will go with the first one.

This is because not only does the first person look better, it is also due to the fact that the first person appear to be more serious in what he/she has to offer.

So the next time you want to sponsor the right person, we suggest that you be that “right person” first. Invest in yourself. You do not have to buy expensive clothes or be too formal in your attire; just wear something that makes people think you are serious in your offer. Do not create your image only after you make money. Do It now.
If you want to become a GA (Global Ambassador), you have to dress like a GA, talk like a GA smell like a GA and think like a GA.

This may look like kindergarten stuff, but always remember, all great things come from simple beginnings.


Go wide fast

Go wide fast
Sponsoring is a lot of fun especially if you know how and have the confidence in doing it. If you don’t sponsor your close friends and relatives, they will be sponsored by somebody else. We have stories of distributors whose relatives were sponsored by strangers. We are in a people business so never underestimate the power of Network Marketing. Remember, one person alone may be equivalent to thousands of people.

Hall of famers like Mr. Joseph Lim, Mr. Carlo Buenaventura, and Mrs. Mylene Ebdane all started as one person, but they are right now leaders of a big organization with thousands of people under them.

So the next time you talk to a prospect, bear in mind that he or she could be an equivalent to one big network someday.

Good Morning!


Attend NDO (New Distributor’s Orientation)

Network Marketing is like a GOLD MINE. 97% of the people complain of the 99% of dirt and dust and keep complaining, 3% of the people focus on the 1% GOLD and keep COLLECTING” – AIMCADEMY.

There are many people who after attending the Opportunity Plan Presentation (OPP) wants to join the business right out. However, there are certain feelings of doubt and fear that creeps up in their minds. They are asking questions from within like, “Can I really do this? What if I don’t succeed? What if I can’t invite people to join me? What if I can’t sell even one product?” These questions left unanswered could lead a potential Downline to become a negative prospect.

The solution for this is to have them attend the NDO. It is because thru the NDO we address to them their feelings of FEAR and DOUBT. We let them know that it is normal to have these types of feelings because to some people, this kind of business model is something new to them. Or perhaps, this could be their first time to do business in general.

Can you imagine being stuck in a corporate structure where you are used to have your supervisor or superior ordering you things and suddenly you find yourself in a position of becoming your own BOSS? You can’t change 10 or even 20 years of employment mentality to just a 2 hour business presentation. These things take time.

That is why our general rule is that for every prospect that attends the OPP, it is imperative that within 48 hours they attend the NDO. There are many negative forces outside. These forces drain you from happiness, excitement and enthusiasm. These negative forces pop your balloon of hopes and dreams. They love discouraging you from even trying. A lot of them may even be your closest relative or friend. Some may even have good intentions because they don’t want to see you hurt when you fail. Some may even become threatened by your ambitions and they are not used to dreamers like you. They want you to stay just as you are, just like them, to just live life as it is. They get uneasy because they themselves can’t find the courage to go after their dreams.

These is so true specially if you are in a close knit group, like if your with your friends that has been together for a long time. You all have one ideal that is why when one stands out and shifts his paradigm, you suddenly find yourself becoming an outcast.

The best thing to do here is to limit your time with them. We are not saying you to avoid them totally but sometimes there are people in our lives that we can only love from a distance. You can’t help people that are not ready to help themselves.

The good news is, when you join AIM Global, you will be open to a new set of friends. You will become open to people who make things happen instead of wondering what happen. You gain more wisdom and you can also DISCOVER the hidden talents and strengths that you thought you never had.

Discover hidden talent



A classic example is Global Ambassador Leo Caduyac from Tagbilaran Bohol, Philippines. The guy never thought he had a power to inspire people. He has all the reasons to fail in this business. He is a former tricycle driver. He has very limited education. He stopped school at 5th grade. But because of his willingness to change his life, he gained strength from all the trainings, NDOs he attended – he then right now is one of the Top Inspiring Distributor of AIM Global.


What does it take to overcome your FEARS and DOUBTS?

What does it take to overcome your FEARS and DOUBTS
Come to the office and attend NDO. It is where you will LEARN THE RIGHT WAY to do this business. If you don’t have our office near you, keep watching our online NDOs and other Training from this website. The idea is to surround yourself with positive people who lift you up not with the negative people who pull you down.


How long does it take to earn?

We can’t really say. Only you can answer that question. Everything worth doing takes time and practice.
Some people say 6 months to a year. But let us tell you that only two things can happen to you with AIM GLOBAL.
How long does it take to earn

Some people are in figure A, they come in the business and in just a few months, BOOM! Their group grows quickly. Like an F1 race car. Other are like figure B, they growth is not as fast as the first group but slowly and surely it begins to grow until finally, they get to earn their rewards.
However which group you fall into, always remember that you will make money in AIM Global. It is a guaranteed fact as long as you don’t quit.
So always keep punching. Vaccinate yourself from the negative forces outside by attend the NDO.

We are 100% sure, it is inevitable, that you will achieve all your hopes and dream with us!

Learn from the Master – AIM BIG with BIG AL

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln

AIM Global’s vision of training can be best explained thru the lumberjack story.

One day, an experienced lumberjack named Joseph happen to walk passed by a young and newly recruit guy. He noticed that the young man seems to be struggling in chopping a tree down. His hands are now pink with blisters and he was viciously swinging his ax but could only manage to dent a few inches off the tree’s bark.

Joseph said to the young guy, why don’t you try sharpening your ax first before you start chopping trees. I’m sure things will be much easier for you.

But the young man replied, “I don’t have time in sharpening my ax, I’m too busy with my other jobs. Heck, I’m too busy cutting down this tree.”


Tom “Big Al” Schreiter said that many MLM distributors suffer from the “dull-ax” syndrome, in the Philippines we many times call it “AKNY” or “Alam Ko Na Yan” virus. Too often, distributors are either too proud or too lazy to learn the true nature of the business. They do not take the time to sharpen their saw. They also do not realize that the only way to make it big in this business is by attending trainings, because thru trainings you would learn certain skills that are not discussed in the OPP (Opportunity Plan Presentation).

Mind you, some of this distributors are highly motivated, hardworking, they also set their goals. But again, if they do not take the time in learning new skills. They will get crushed. They won’t last long. They could even be one of those people who would say, “I tried networking before but it didn’t work for me”, or “Networking is a pyramid scam.”

Training is important anywhere you go.
training is important
Janitors are trained how to mop floors. You apply in Jollibee or McDonald’s and they will give you a training on how to flip hamburgers. To get a private pilot license you need 40 hours of flight training, and over 1500 hours of flying hours and many years of experience before you can even get behind a steering wheel of a Boeing airplane.

So why not expect to invest some time in training in a career with AIM Global where you could achieve even your wildest dreams and, your family, your friends, your downlines achieve their dreams too?

AIM Big with Big AL

AIM Global takes training seriously, we are committed to update all distributors with new informations that can help their business grow. That is why last November 2014, we created another milestone in being the First MLM company to hold a special training in a the most versatile event arena in the Asia-pacific which is the PICC (Philippine International Convention Center). More than 3,000 people have attended and filled up the Plenary Hall.

The title of the event was AIM BIG with BIG AL.

Highlights, include powerful talk by our VP for finance Francis Miguel where he shares the importance of creating momentum.


Then he was followed by an awesome training workshop given by VP for Marketing John Asperin.

john asperin big al training

His topic was more on how to become a better networker. And of course, wonderful AIM updates and excellent business tips on how to succeed through smile by our CEO Dr. Ed Cabantog.

doc ed big al training

Then came the featured speaker of the day, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter.

This guy started network marketing in 1972. So that’s 42 years of recruiting, handling objections.. etc for you. He has sponsored over 100,000 distributors in his first two years and his secret is by just simply saying the right words and phrases that makes prospects easier to join.

He said that to be successful in network marketing you just need three things. The right attitude, good motivation and the proper skills.

He likens this three to car parts, which is attitude is the wheels of the car, motivation is the engine of the car and skills is the clutch.

He focused the training that night on the SKILLS part. He said, you could have the first two but if you don’t have the proper skills, your car would still not move.

A lot of people went home that night feeling fully revived and equip to do the business.

Overall, that evening is so awesome. Interestingly the Board of Directors where there to listen, the training team was there, so are the marketing team.

This is a testament that even the experts in the industry still take time to learn new things.

If you reflect further, the trainings in AIM Global could be applied not only in networking business but also in life. A lot of people are struggling to cope financially, they get frustrated , but if they only take the time to develop themselves and learn new things and becoming more effective, instead of working with a blunt saw. Life would be different.

What happens if you do not take the time in learning how to use new tools in your business?

Let’s go back to our lumberjack story
The new lumberjack finally got it, he could only cut 2 trees in a day, and he needs a new tool. So he went to the best lumberjack store in town. In there, he saw a sign that says, “For sale, sleek and modern saw that can cut 20 trees a day” He got so excited and bought it. But instead of listening to the salesman on how to use it, he simply said, “Just give me the saw and don’t bother wrapping it, il be using it right away”.

After 1 day of using his new tool, he could still cut 2 trees. He said , “Well maybe because it’s still new.”


Second day is the same result, 2 trees down.

Third day is no different, 2 trees down.

On the fourth day, angrily he went back to the store claiming he was scammed. He wants his money back.

The salesman, apologized immediately and he then checked the saw if there was any damage, he checked the chain, the switch, the blade, he also saw there was fuel in the tank.

Then lastly he pulled the rope and suddenly the motor run. VROOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!

The new lumberjack was shocked…. “Huh, that thing runs ?”

It seems our new guy never took the time in learning the features and the benefits of his new tool.

Guess what in AIM Global it is the same, if you have a new tool but don’t know how to use it, your tool is meaningless.

It takes discipline of time to learn new things.

AIM business like life is a marathon not a sprint, planning is as important as work.
Learn from the experienced.

If you want to learn how to use your business tools properly, just register and log in if you are already a member.

If you’re not a member, come Join US and we will guide you every step of the way to your path to financial freedom!

The Power of Good Habits and a Part-Time Business

Can Network Marketing be done part time? This is a common question for beginners and prospects and the answer to that question is YES, it can be done part time or full time. It really depends on you. One of the magic of network marketing is that it gives you a chance to build your business without ever jeopardizing your current source of income.

If you were to put up a traditional business like “sar-sari” store, do you think you would still be able to keep your 8 hour job? You will be forced to choose which source of income to keep right?
traditional business


Because if you don’t choose, chances are your store can only make money when you are around to sell. Which is during night time or probably weekends when you are around. Either that or you take the risk of human factor by hiring someone to sell your goods while you are out.

In networking, it is different. Not only can you start doing the business part time, but you can actually do the business part time indefinitely. You call the shots. You are your own boss. Almost 90% of those who join a network marketing started the business as part time.

Now what happens if your income from this business far exceeds the income you are receiving in your current job, would you go full-time? It is really up to you. Most people say yes, but that answer would really depend on you. The important thing is that, now you have something which most working people don’t have. That is a CHOICE.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many people get stuck in a job they don’t like, living from paycheck to paycheck and then finally waking up at the age of 65? Only to find out that they have lost their time and energy to something they don’t really want to do. That is because they simply don’t have any choice.

The good news is that you now have that CHOICE. But as always there are some key things you need to do in order to make this business work for you even as a part time. You need to change some of your habits.

Habits starts in the mind.
Habits Starts in the Mind

Before there is a habit of doing, there is a habit of thinking. So if you want to change your bad habits. You need to change the bad thoughts that created the bad habits.

One of the bad thoughts that comes to people’s mind is that, when they do something, they automatically assume that results would happen fast and quick.

Like when they join AIM Global today, tomorrow they want to have millions in the bank. AIM global or network marketing Is not a get rich quick scheme. When you start this business, it takes time, it takes hard work, it takes a lot of mentors to guide you.

The key here is patience, much like losing weight. If you weigh 300lbs and you run for 3 kilometers today, do not expect yourself to lose 50lbs tomorrow.

Be patient, take the long view.

Focus on the small steps and enjoy it. Each step is a wonderful event in itself, not just a chore you have to go through in order to reach your long term goal.

Here are some of the steps you can do

1. Commit to doing a very small step, every day for a month.

If you want to lose weight, change your diet a little bit. Eat an apple instead of that bag of potato chips. Eat veggies at dinner instead of something fried. If you want to run, run even for just 5 minutes every day. In doing network marketing start talking to at least 3 people every day. Get your upline to guide you on the right scripts or words to say to your prospect. Read a new book about self-development. You can also try to learn how to present the marketing plan.

The idea is to take tiny steps. Every day. They add up to a lot over time.


2. Be accountable.

Be Accountable
Tell someone you trust like your friend or upline, that you are going to do this habit and report to them regularly. Like if your goal is to invite at least one person a week into the office and listen to the business orientation, tell your upline about it. Or perhaps get two person to join the business every month, go ahead and report it. Have a consequence for not doing the habit.


3. Focus on starting each day.

If you are going to run for 5 minutes, focus on just getting on your shoe and getting out the door. If you are going to speak to at least 3-5 people a day about your business, just focus on sending that message through text or by social media. That is all you have to do! It’s so easy you can’t say no.


4. Learn to watch over your ego or negative thoughts.

As you continue doing your habit, be aware that your ego will start to give out excuses on why you shouldn’t do the habit. You will notice it will start to justify for you to stop and will try to give you reasons to stay on your “comfort zone”. It will trick you into believing that what you are doing is not going to work.

Don’t believe them. They are simply your mind’s way of trying to get out of discomfort. But you will learn to be fine in discomfort.


5. Increase gradually.

Gradually Progress
In running, if you find your 5 minute a day run too easy for you. You can then go ahead and increase it to maybe 7-10 minutes. Just like in network marketing, if you find the 3-5 people a day prospects too easy, then you can gradually increase to 5-10 people a day. Make it a slow and gradual progress until your mind and body would settle into this as your new “normal”.


6. Enjoy each step

This could be the most important part of the process of building your career in network marketing. That is to enjoy every step. You might start to feel that you are not making any progress, but progress could not be seen in small amounts. It is only after a lot of time that you will see progress. We suggest that you focus on the small step in front of you, while you are speaking to your friends. Not only that you can get to share your wonderful business opportunity but you can actually get to stay connected from an old acquaintance that you have not spoken for a long time.

Each step is all that matters, and they can be very enjoyable if you let go of the need to get your goal and instead appreciate the moment as it is.

It is amazing to have great products to share. It is wonderful to have a powerful opportunity to talk about. It’s great to be alive at this moment.

Now this method may be simple, but simplicity is why it works. It can work for numerous kinds of habit like getting out of debt, exercising , eating healthier etc.

Start with simple habits and work on your part time business called AIM Global. You will definitely have a sophisticated powerful business that could change yourself and the whole world!