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The Best Gift You can give yourself this Christmas

“Maybe Christmas” the Grinch thought, “doesn’t come from a store.” “Maybe Christmas ….perhaps…. means a little more.”

It’s the season of giving, a time where everybody gets busy thinking of what gifts to give to their loved ones. So we all head out to different shopping malls to look for that perfect gift.

We do this because we all love to give, it makes us happy as we see children’s faces light up when they open up their Christmas presents. It bring us joy when we could give a warm smile, a hug or perhaps laughter to our friends and relatives.

Now giving to others may be fun and a noble thing to do, however, we believe that we should also not neglect to give to ourselves.

You should come to a state of overflow and abundance, because in reality, you cannot give what you do not have.
Mind you, we are not just talking about material things here, we are also pointing out the spiritual and emotional aspect of your life too.


Let Go and Receive

Let Go and Receive
To give love, you must receive the gift of Love.

To give a smile or happiness, you must receive the gift of Happiness.

To give money, you must learn to receive the gift of Abundance.

If you don’t accept the Gift of Letting Go and Receiving, you could be drained out and your ability to give would soon evaporate.

Too many times we are caught up in the old saying of “It is better to give than to receive.” Or “When you give, then you shall receive.”

Both statements are true. The trouble is our culture or our system of thinking could not really digest and accept the Gift of Letting Go and Receiving. Often times, we feel that we are unworthy to receive gifts from other people, we often think small and act small.

And because of that thinking, we live small, we become blinded. We become blind to all the wonderful gifts we receive every day from our friends, our family and from the Greatest Giver of All, God.


Left Side, Right Side

Left Side, Right Side
AIM Global marketing plan suggests that for you to make big money in our business, you should balance your left sales force and right sales force.

But, when it comes to the Gift of Receiving, you have to come up with a new plan.

Let us share you a story by the author of “The Power of Positive Thinking”, Norman Vincent Peale.

He said one day, a hopeless man came up to him, and said “Reverend, I no longer have the will to live my life.”

“Why do you say that?” Norman asked.

“It is because my life is in a mess, I have lost everything, and I am a totally unlucky person.”

Upon hearing this Norman took a clean sheet of paper and drew a vertical line in the middle.

He said to the man “This is your life in the middle. I divided it into the Left Side and the Right Side. On the left side, we are going to write down all the bad things that has happened to you and all that you have lost, on the right side we are going to write all the good things that happened to you and all the things that you still have. Are you ready?”

“You don’t need the right side, because I don’t have anything there”, the man said.

Norman Vincent Peale said, “When did your wife divorce you?”

The man was shocked, “What? I am happily married, my wife did not divorce me.”

Norman said, “That’s good, let us write that down as number one on your right side. Now tell, me what type of drugs are your children taking.”

“Drugs?” the man asked. “My children are clean, they don’t take drugs.”

“Awesome let us write it down us number two: “Kids not in drugs”.

Norman kept asking similar questions until finally the man got what Norman was trying to say.

The man said. “I guess my life isn’t bad after all.”


Have the Right State of Mind

Have the Right State of Mind

What is the right state of mind?
Expect Good things to happen to you.

You see, perception is everything. What you perceive, becomes your reality.

Too often we focus ourselves on the Left side of our life and not see the Right side. We keep bringing back our past, past mistakes, past rejections, past failures. We can’t move on.

Some people live every year exactly the same way, and repeat it for 60-80 years and call it a life!

You have to learn to let go and move on.

Always remember that you and only you have the power to choose. You have been given this great gift to receive and interpret all the events that has happened to you as good. When you expect good things to happen to you, you can automatically block out all the negative things and cease to dwell upon them.

For example, you invited a friend of yours to an opportunity meeting at our head office, your friend said yes, and agrees to meet you around noontime. You got there 30 minutes earlier. However, one hour has past and your friend did not show up, you tried calling and texting but your friend did not reply. In other words, you got stood up.
If you expect good things to happen to you, you will have a better attitude in handling the moment, rather than slipping into a negative, angry state.

You could tell yourself that this could be a chance to learn more about our business and attend our free trainings and seminars, or this might be a chance for you to visit another prospect of yours that your putting off because of your tight schedule or you might be able to meet other people in the mall that could be your future business partner someday.

Now because you have the attitude of expecting good things to happen and having the Gift of Receiving, you find yourself always in a win-win situation, instead of always being a victim of your own circumstances. (Most of the time, we have this victim mentality.)

Based on experience, your most toxic relationship is the one you have with ourselves.

We have become our worst enemy
What is a victim mentality?
I’m not a good speaker. – Victim!
I hate math – Victim!
I’m not good looking – Victim!
I’m not good in sales. – Victim!
I have no money. – Victim!
I did not win in our Thanksgiving party raffle. I am unlucky. – Victim!
My boyfriend left me! – Victim!
I’m too shy, I have no time for love! – Victim!
Or sometimes when we fail, we punish ourselves and give labels like, “I’m a loser!”
Give yourself a break, don’t be a victim, instead be a victor!

Let go of you past, let go of the things that no longer serve you.

You have been living in the Left side of your life for a long time, it’s now time to change your focus and put your attention on the Right side. Open yourself up to the blessings around you and have the Gift of Receiving.

Ask, Believe, let go and Receive!

As a gift to you this Christmas, AIMCADEMY would like to share with you this wonderful poem.


Let go and let God!

Let go and let God
As children bring their broken toys for us to mend,

I brought my broken dreams to God because he is my friend,

But instead of letting God to work alone, I hung around and do something about it on my own.

Until one day, I grew impatient and asked, “God, how could you be so slow?”

“My child”, God said. “What could I do, you never did let go.”

AIMCADEMY would like to thank everyone in reading our blog.

We thank you all in joining the first and only MLM online school the world.

May your business flourished more next year!

Remember to eat healthy, be merry, and don’t just let your waistline grow but also your love to your family, friends, Uplines, Downlines, our Vice Presidents and Board of Directors as well.

And lastly, don’t forget to love yourself, because by loving yourself, you give permission for others to love you and have the capacity to love others even more.

Let go and Receive the love from God.

Merry Christmas,

Foundation of Networking Success Part 2: Selling

“We are selling dreams, we are merchants of Happiness” – Bernard Loiseau

In the NDO (New Distributor Orientation), it is advised that you devote 80% of your time into sponsoring and 20% of your time into selling our products. While sponsoring people would take a big chunk of time in your Networking career, you should not underestimate the power of selling our products to your customers.

Selling is fun, selling can also earn you a lot of money. It is one of the benefits of becoming a member of AIM Global. The 25% retail profit was not put in there just by accident. It is included so that distributors, old and new, could take advantage of it. There is no point of having 1000 people under your organization but not have one of them sell or even use the products. If this happens to you, your organization would surely collapse.


If no products get sold, nobody gets paid.

If no products get sold, nobody gets paid
AIM Global as a company, would not last even for a year, without repeat orders of our products. Yes, we do make money by the number of pay-ins of Global Packages, but always remember we are a legitimate Network Marketing Company. We don’t just earn profit by the number of people joining, we are a product and service driven based company.


We have three Marketing plans – they are the Binary Program, the Unilevel and the Stairstep. All of these three are the compensation packages given by AIM Global to all its members. All of which can be utilized effectively if there are continuous product movement within your group.

Just take a look at the Binary Program. Under this program we give out referral bonus of P500 (approx. USD 12) and a match sales bonus of P1500 (approx. USD 33).


The P1500 match sales bonus alone will be given in three ways:
Person (Global Package) vs. Person (Global Package)
Person (Global Package) vs. Products
Products vs. Products


This clearly shows how product driven and legitimate AIM Global really is.
Remember this, if a company solely rely their profit based on memberships, we suggest that you be alert because there is a big chance that this company is illegal. Membership based companies is the dominant characteristic of a pyramid scam. They only make money by recruiting people. So be vigilant, do not be lured by this unscrupulous individuals or organizations.


Be a user before you become a pusher.

Be a user before you become a pusher
How can I sell products?

How would I know if the product works?

Well, there is only one way to find out and that is to – Use it!

We mean, how would you know if the food in a restaurant is good or bad? Taste it!

How would you know if a movie is nice or not? Watch it!

The answers are very simple right? The same goes with our products. You have to use it because when you do that, you gain more credibility and confidence into sharing it to all the people that you know.
Another word for selling is sharing, and that is true. We are just simply sharing all the benefits we gained from using our products to our relatives and friends.

We don’t need to memorize every single ingredient of each product. For example, when you share our liven coffee – you don’t have to enumerate all the 16,000 phytonutrients there is in one sachet. It’s hard to do that. Plus your customer would not care. All they want to know is how delicious it is, what health benefits can they gain from drinking it, and how unique is it from all the other brands in the market today? And again the easiest way to answer all their questions is when you use it.

Now of course each product has different effects in our body, each of us has different experience after using it. Make sure you don’t exaggerate your experience. Don’t say your diabetes got cured by our C-24/7 where in fact you never really had diabetes in the first place. Don’t post in social media testimonies that are not true. You cannot run a successful business based on lies and deceit.


Be Real

We have excellent products, it definitely works. They are formulated by giant international companies that have been around for so many years. Nature’s Way alone has over 200 herbalists, scientist and doctors who make sure that what is written in the box are all true, and again it will work.

So just share the benefits of our products to your friends, relatives and prospects and relax because our products have a voice of their own.

It will sell by itself.

Have fun in sharing our Products.

Share it to the World!


Don’t create your own system or shortcut

It takes 20 years of hard work, to become an overnight success” – Walt Disney.

We live in a fast world today. Everything seems to be moving at full speed. What used to take weeks before your message can come across to your relatives or friends by airmail can now be sent by just a click of a finger thru social media platforms. The United States used to be dominated by the railway system; it was their best and fastest form of transportation. If you want to go from Los Angeles to New York, it would take you 4 days. It was so fast back then, but now that would mean ages. It is because you can just simply book a flight and your travel time would go down to approximately 3 hours.

Humanity, because of technology has already achieved and created many things at a greater speed this past few years. We have created massive short cuts in terms of communication, transportation etc.

But we must remember that not all that is fast is good for us. Take for example the way we prepare our food these days.

There was a time when you want to eat “Pancit Canton” (a Filipino noodle dish), your grandmother would start to prepare it by cutting out cabbage, onions, garlic, celery, bell pepper, carrots, chicken, pork or shrimp and then adds the noodles, mix everything up and voila, a delicious meal is served. All these could take about 45 minutes total preparation and cooking time. But today, you just simply boil water and buy a pack of instant noodle and you have your stomach full in just 3 minutes. We have too much fast food nowadays that the lives of people are also getting fast. We have instant gravy, instant corn soup, instant mami (noodles) or even instant daddy (that’s a different story). No wonder the number of people getting cancer, diabetes and heart attack has dramatically increased in numbers this past decade.

This is the downside of our advancement. In our path to swift success, we also need wisdom and discernment of every action we take. We can be fast in achieving results, but we don’t have to be reckless.

Network Marketing right now is the fastest way to financial freedom. In fact, Network Marketing has created the most number of millionaires more than any other profession. AIM Global alone has produced over 1,000 self-made millionaires in a matter of 9 years. Thousands of people attend our seminar room every day, because they too want to earn big money quickly.

However, there are new distributors who claim to know-it-all starting from day one, think he has a faster way of making money here and start to create his own system; he then starts to reinvent the wheel. In other words he now creates his own shortcut.

Our dear friends let us tell you something that you already know. There is no short cut to achievement. Life requires thorough preparation, veneer isn’t worth anything. Just like our “pancit canton” example, if you want to serve your children the best food on the table, you should take time in preparing that food. They could have a full stomach in a matter of minutes but what kind of nutrition did they get from out of it? Zero. Nada. Zilch.

The same is true with AIM Global, if you do not take the time to learn our system, if you do not take the time in attending our free trainings, if you do not take the time in seeking advice from your Uplines and mentors, your results would end up to nothing also.

Do you want short-cuts?

Follow successful people. That is your shortcut. Following successful people is your shortest route to success.


Have you ever played the game Palayok (Pinata)?

Have you ever played the game Palayok
Eugene used to be a top salesman of XYZ Company, he saw the opportunity of AIM Global and quickly joins the business. He thinks that this is the right OPPORTUNITY for him. But being new in this industry, he is now just like a participant in the “Palayok” game, his eyes are blindfolded. He cannot see the success which he is aiming for. He cannot see the P1, 000,000 right in front of him.

This is where we (your Uplines, training team, AIMcademy) come in. We will be your guide along the way. We will teach you where to strike, when to strike, and how to strike. Just follow the road taught to you by your mentors.

Do not make the misconception that you are making money for your Upline. Your Uplines has the best interest for your success because before your Upline becomes successful, you should become successful first.


It pays to have short cuts

Let us share you this story.

A man eating tribe caught three men who got lost in the jungle. The men desperately pleaded for their lives. Since the tribe already was full that day, they decided to let go to their captives in one condition. They were to get the best and the tastiest fruit they could ever find in the jungle. So off they went.

After a couple of hours they got back. The first man presented grape fruits. When asked where he got it, he pointed north; he said it took him 3 hours to find it. The second man presented strawberries, he was also asked where he got it, he pointed south, and he said it took one hour to find it.

The third man gave a big durian thinking he would impress the tribe because of its huge size. He was then asked where he found it. To impress his captives more he said he took a short cut and found it in just 5 minutes of walking.

The tribe leader then said, “Okay you are now all free to go, but you have to do this one last exercise, if you fail to do this, we will eat you now.

The three men nervously asked, “What is that?

The leader said, “Remove all your pants, put up all your fruits in front of you, and slowly but gently, put it all inside your butt”

Who do you think got spared?


Do not create your own ways

Do not create your own ways
Some people would say, “Mas magaling ako dyan, top salesman ako ng… etc” (I’m better than that person, because I’m a top salesman of ….etc)

If you have this kind of attitude, there is nothing we could do.

This business is simple all you need to do is come and learn. If you can come to the seminars, please do so.


Learn the right concept

Learn the right concept
Magkano ba yang 1200 points na yan? Bibilhin ko na yan para Global Ambassador na ako!

(How much is that 1200 points? I will buy it now so that I’m already a Global Ambassador!)

Friends understand this AIM Global does not need your money.

We are making sales of over P1 Billion pesos for the last 5 years.

Having the network is the right concept.

The road to success is always under construction. There is no short-cut.

The good news is you’re not alone in the road.

You are with your Uplines.

You are with your Mentors.

You are with the Training Team, the Marketing Team.

You are with the Board of Directors

You are with AIMCADEMY.

Here’s to your future!

Desire you want success

The starting point of desire of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat.“ – Napoleon Hill

To become successful in any business, be it Franchising, Traditional Business and most of all Network Marketing, one must have a burning desire to succeed in the beginning. It all starts with you wanting it from the start. The “want” part should resonate from your deepest core values, that you want it badly enough, you would do whatever it takes to be win, to succeed, to triumph, to attain whatever goals you have set.

Burning desire is translated literally in Tagalog as, “lumalagablab na pagnanasa”. Almost like as if your whole being is on fire and you’re raring to start right away towards the achievement of your dreams.

Desire maybe taken negatively by some because they often relate it to obsession or craving too much for something like a person or an object which only satisfies man’s earthly needs. While it is true that desiring too much on something may not be good, we must remember that desire is just like money. It simply is a tool that we use every day.

Desire can be a powerful tool that brings more goodness to humanity, or it can lead you to self-destruction for example (DRUGS, alcohol, etc.). It leads you closer to God and destiny or away from it. So in other words, desire is not a bad thing in itself, it is a powerful force within each one of us that if used, can bring forth abundance, goodness and advancement of every human being.


Desire in AIM Global Business

Desire in aim global business

When you start doing AIM Global business, it is highly recommended that you start this business with a burning desire to succeed in mind.  Most especially if you truly want to succeed. If you do not “truly” want to succeed, like if you’re in this business just to earn extra dollars (which is fine) or money to pay your kid’s tuition fees or just to pay rent or your car mortgage, well then there is no need for that burning desire to be present.

But if you are like most of us who wants financial freedom, who dreams of a better future for our family, who wants to create a life with more purpose and meaning by helping more of our countrymen get over the hump of poverty, then you need desire to spark up that fire in you.

AIM Global is liken to an airplane of opportunity, which is true, but let us tell you that this plane is not an ordinary Airbus or 747s used by airline companies. It is a supersonic jet plane that can travel faster than the speed of sound. The engines, fuel and pilots for these two aircraft are very much different.

Similarly, when you do AIM Global business, the mindset is different as compared to being an ordinary employee or a small time businessman. The disparity is overwhelmingly different.  Some people think that the longer they stay in their job, their value increase, like if they are working 10 years in a company, they think themselves more valuable than the one who is in for just 2 or 3 years. We believe this isn’t true. We believe in employment everyone only has one year experience regardless of the total number of years you are physically employed.  Why?  It is because you have already mastered everything you need to know in your job on your very first year and all you did is you just repeated it over and over, every year.

In business, it’s different.  What you did in your first year, could be obsolete in your second year. When you do business, you get to be exposed in different scenarios where you really need to think and create different ideas in order to sustain it.  But generally speaking, in order for your profit to grow, you as an individual should grow. Your value is directly proportional to your attitude. The good news is, all of this growth is truly possible. Motivational speaker Jim Rohn said “You can earn more, because you can become more”.


Now you know why the gap with regards to the results of an ordinary employee and a big business person is gigantically different.

We believe that becoming more starts with desire.

Have a passion for success.

Desire you want success.

We all want to see you at the top!

Make a Commitment to be RICH

COMMITMENT is that turning point in your life when you SEIZE THE MOMENT and convert into an opportunity to ALTER YOUR DESTINY” – Dennis Waitley
One morning, Mac the Chicken and Peppa the Pig were competing against each other as to which one has more obligations on a human’s breakfast table. Mac the Chicken said, “You know what Peppa, I believe I am so important for human’ breakfast.”Peppa the Pig asked, “And why did you say that?

That is because; humans love to eat my eggs. They cook it in various ways, they want to scramble it, cook it sunny side up, hard boiled it. Sometimes they even mix them with tomatoes, onions, garlic. I believe human’s breakfast would not be complete without my precious eggs. Plus can you just imagine all the effort I put in to lay those eggs. I would say I am very much INVOLVED every morning with them” said Mac the Chicken.
Peppa the Pig then said. “Your obligation is so tiny compared to mine.

Why?” Mac the Chicken asked.

Humans love to eat hotdogs, hamburgers and bacons during breakfast. I have nothing else to lay but my life. I am not just involved, I am COMMITTED” said Peppa the Pig.


Are you Committed or Involved?

Be committed
There is a big difference in being involved or interested to that of being committed. When you are involved you do it only when it is convenient; when you are committed to something, you accept no excuses, just results. When you join AIM Global, there is a thin line between getting just involved and being committed. That thin line would determine success or failure in this business. In fact that thin line spreads over not just in business but in other areas of your life.

Can you imagine if you are the father or mother of your kids, and you tell them that I am just involved in our family, but I am not really committed? Or what would you think if the President of your country is not really committed in serving the whole nation. That he or she is just there for fanfare or he or she would show up only when good things are happening, but hides in a hole when things go bad?

Commitment is very important, most especially if your desire to succeed is really strong enough. It is an on-going process, it never stops.

Buying your global package is a start of your commitment. Hey, what do you think would happen to distributor’s attitude if AIM Global offers FREE membership to join our company? Would they really take this business seriously? Would they quit at once if things do not go according to plan right away?

The truth is, because of our low start-up fee of an estimated amount in all countries of $200 USD, with all the benefits of products and services that you get in return, plus the chance to earn $500-600 USD per day, some people finds the business easy to give up.

Why? That is because to some people $200 USD is so cheap. It’s more like buying a brand new cellphone. But what if you invested $200,000 USD? Do you think your mindset would change? Would you be more committed?We bet you would be.

May we suggest something?

If you really want to be truly successful in AIM Global, think of yourself putting up a huge supermarket, like as if you invested millions of dollars or pesos.

That way you will have a different perspective in working out your business.

Again, commitment never stops upon joining. You should take TIME TO LEARN. Invest more time in attending trainings, big events.
Time to learn

Let go of the AKNY syndrome (Alam Ko Na Yan). Stop being Mr. or Ms. IKIA (I Know It All).

Be humble enough to learn.

Commit to become a Global Ambassador.

Commit to become a Millionaires Circle Member.

And most of all commit to yourself, to your family in getting Rich, that way you can be a blessing to more people.

See you at the TOP

Make 2015 your Financial Breakthrough Year

Once there was this man who had insomnia problems for many months. At first, he did not really mind it at all but the past few weeks really made it from bad to worse. He then decided to visit his doctor and told him groggily that he is having a hard time sleeping at night. He said that if he does doze off he is suddenly awakened by a terrible dream, and once awake he could no longer go back to sleep of the fear of having that same dream again. So the Doctor asked, “What is it you are dreaming about”?

He said in his dream, he is standing in front of a giant building and he desperately want to go inside. The problem is, no matter how hard he tried he could not open the door. He kept pushing and pushing and pushing the door to open but it would not budge. He said that it is very important to open that door because, he believe that it is his “door of opportunity”. He believed that inside the building lies all of his wishes and goals. After pushing so hard, he suddenly wakes up, feeling tired, with sweat all over his body.
push harder

The Doctor then said, “This is what you should do, the next time you have that same dream; don’t try to open the door right away. Instead step back for awhile and notice the surroundings, try to see exactly where you are, the length of the door, its texture, and color. Force yourself to observe your environment before you do anything else.

That night, he again had the same dream, he was about to try and open the door, but subconsciously, he remembered what the Doctor said, so he stepped back for awhile noticing everything around him. Suddenly, a big sign stood out by the door handle, and it says, “PULL”.


On the path to financial freedom, a lot of people are so much busy in their lives, working so hard to earn a living, meeting deadlines, setting goals, always looking forward for tomorrow. It is almost like the present moment is just used as a means to an end. Never being happy in what they are doing because what they are thinking is that, once they reach their goal, or got that promotion in their job, then that is the time for them to be happy. Sadly, this never happens because, the moment you reach your goal, your mind is off wandering again for the next moment. In short, the means to an end never ends.

You suddenly wake up at the age of 60 or 70 years old wondering where all the time has gone.

You have been caught up in a Rat Race. You believed in a system that no longer works. Working 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, with over 40,000 hours on your job and by age 60, that is when you retire.

Mind you this article does not degrade the idea of being an employee, we all have at some time in our life need to work for somebody else, but only to degree of getting more wisdom, knowledge and experience so that one day, we can all use this in having a business that could change not only your life but the lives of the many.

If you have struggled financially for the past years, you have pushed so hard but could not get any results, and you are left wondering how you could change all that this New Year, 2015. Maybe it is time to stop for awhile and stop pushing. Maybe it’s time to check your surroundings.

You could be moving in the wrong direction.

Maybe it is time to stop “pushing”, step back for awhile and PULL that door of opportunity.

The Power of Good Habits and a Part-Time Business

Can Network Marketing be done part time? This is a common question for beginners and prospects and the answer to that question is YES, it can be done part time or full time. It really depends on you. One of the magic of network marketing is that it gives you a chance to build your business without ever jeopardizing your current source of income.

If you were to put up a traditional business like “sar-sari” store, do you think you would still be able to keep your 8 hour job? You will be forced to choose which source of income to keep right?
traditional business


Because if you don’t choose, chances are your store can only make money when you are around to sell. Which is during night time or probably weekends when you are around. Either that or you take the risk of human factor by hiring someone to sell your goods while you are out.

In networking, it is different. Not only can you start doing the business part time, but you can actually do the business part time indefinitely. You call the shots. You are your own boss. Almost 90% of those who join a network marketing started the business as part time.

Now what happens if your income from this business far exceeds the income you are receiving in your current job, would you go full-time? It is really up to you. Most people say yes, but that answer would really depend on you. The important thing is that, now you have something which most working people don’t have. That is a CHOICE.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many people get stuck in a job they don’t like, living from paycheck to paycheck and then finally waking up at the age of 65? Only to find out that they have lost their time and energy to something they don’t really want to do. That is because they simply don’t have any choice.

The good news is that you now have that CHOICE. But as always there are some key things you need to do in order to make this business work for you even as a part time. You need to change some of your habits.

Habits starts in the mind.
Habits Starts in the Mind

Before there is a habit of doing, there is a habit of thinking. So if you want to change your bad habits. You need to change the bad thoughts that created the bad habits.

One of the bad thoughts that comes to people’s mind is that, when they do something, they automatically assume that results would happen fast and quick.

Like when they join AIM Global today, tomorrow they want to have millions in the bank. AIM global or network marketing Is not a get rich quick scheme. When you start this business, it takes time, it takes hard work, it takes a lot of mentors to guide you.

The key here is patience, much like losing weight. If you weigh 300lbs and you run for 3 kilometers today, do not expect yourself to lose 50lbs tomorrow.

Be patient, take the long view.

Focus on the small steps and enjoy it. Each step is a wonderful event in itself, not just a chore you have to go through in order to reach your long term goal.

Here are some of the steps you can do

1. Commit to doing a very small step, every day for a month.

If you want to lose weight, change your diet a little bit. Eat an apple instead of that bag of potato chips. Eat veggies at dinner instead of something fried. If you want to run, run even for just 5 minutes every day. In doing network marketing start talking to at least 3 people every day. Get your upline to guide you on the right scripts or words to say to your prospect. Read a new book about self-development. You can also try to learn how to present the marketing plan.

The idea is to take tiny steps. Every day. They add up to a lot over time.


2. Be accountable.

Be Accountable
Tell someone you trust like your friend or upline, that you are going to do this habit and report to them regularly. Like if your goal is to invite at least one person a week into the office and listen to the business orientation, tell your upline about it. Or perhaps get two person to join the business every month, go ahead and report it. Have a consequence for not doing the habit.


3. Focus on starting each day.

If you are going to run for 5 minutes, focus on just getting on your shoe and getting out the door. If you are going to speak to at least 3-5 people a day about your business, just focus on sending that message through text or by social media. That is all you have to do! It’s so easy you can’t say no.


4. Learn to watch over your ego or negative thoughts.

As you continue doing your habit, be aware that your ego will start to give out excuses on why you shouldn’t do the habit. You will notice it will start to justify for you to stop and will try to give you reasons to stay on your “comfort zone”. It will trick you into believing that what you are doing is not going to work.

Don’t believe them. They are simply your mind’s way of trying to get out of discomfort. But you will learn to be fine in discomfort.


5. Increase gradually.

Gradually Progress
In running, if you find your 5 minute a day run too easy for you. You can then go ahead and increase it to maybe 7-10 minutes. Just like in network marketing, if you find the 3-5 people a day prospects too easy, then you can gradually increase to 5-10 people a day. Make it a slow and gradual progress until your mind and body would settle into this as your new “normal”.


6. Enjoy each step

This could be the most important part of the process of building your career in network marketing. That is to enjoy every step. You might start to feel that you are not making any progress, but progress could not be seen in small amounts. It is only after a lot of time that you will see progress. We suggest that you focus on the small step in front of you, while you are speaking to your friends. Not only that you can get to share your wonderful business opportunity but you can actually get to stay connected from an old acquaintance that you have not spoken for a long time.

Each step is all that matters, and they can be very enjoyable if you let go of the need to get your goal and instead appreciate the moment as it is.

It is amazing to have great products to share. It is wonderful to have a powerful opportunity to talk about. It’s great to be alive at this moment.

Now this method may be simple, but simplicity is why it works. It can work for numerous kinds of habit like getting out of debt, exercising , eating healthier etc.

Start with simple habits and work on your part time business called AIM Global. You will definitely have a sophisticated powerful business that could change yourself and the whole world!




The Most Important Secret to Wealth

It is the Law of Leverage.

When you say it is a LAW, and your are talking about mega-wealth. That only means it is a MUST.

You have to leverage yourself in order to earn the BIG BUCKS or if you truly want to be SUPER RICH.

JFC or Jollibee Food Corporation would not be the mega-company they are right now if they did not leverage.

They started in 1975 as an ice cream parlor. Then opened their first franchise store in 1979 at Sta Cruz Manila.

Now almost 4 decades after, they now have over 800 branches all over the world, making them one of the Top 1000 Corporations in the Philippines.

The magic here is the JFC did not stop in putting up Jollibee Stores alone, they acquired other giants like Mang Inasal, Chowking, Red Ribbon, etc. They have to this date over 2,200 stores all over the world.

Now what is the secret to Jollibee’s success?

Simply put, it is leveraging.  They have multiplied themselves by leaps and bounds.

Can you imagine if the Jollibee Owner and founder Tony Tan got happy and contented with one Jollibee store in Manila?

Where would be the “BEE” today?

It could be Inside the nest, making honey for Mr. Mcdonald.

The secret formula.

Law of leverage is one secret that almost everybody knows, it only becomes a “secret” because not everybody is willing to apply it.


Because in a traditional business, leveraging or expansion takes a lot of hard work, money, financial intelligence, money etc. If you want to be big in the restaurant business you need to attend food services or perhaps equipment conventions and the like. You also need lots of money.

If you want to be a mall giant like Mr Henry Siy, the owner of ShoeMart(SM) you need a long-term marketing strategy, a list of a number of consumer promotions, money,  traffic building schemes, money,  the list goes on and on. Oh by the way did we mention that you need MONEY?

There are many factors to consider but in case you didn’t notice. You need money. And we mean BIG money!

The cost to put up a Jollibee franchise store is in between P15 – P30 million depending on the site.

Now that’s a lot of money.  That is why the secret formula could only be played by the hands of the rich and wealthy.

But that has already changed.

The equalizer

Network Marketing has leveled the playing field. The Law of leverage is no longer a game that only the rich can have the hand of.

In this industry, you don’t need millions, you don’t need to be exceptional, you don’t need to be brilliant.

You just need to be teachable and you are on your way to financial freedom.

In AIM Global, instead of you selling the product by yourself, you can actually expand your reach by opening up outlets.  You can be another Tony Tan of Jollibee, you can open up lot of outlets ,  plenty  of stores, and you do that by sponsoring other people into your business.

And that is why ladies and gentlemen there is sponsoring in network marketing. That is for you to expand your business.

What is so important in sponsoring?

You may be the most intelligent, most handsome, most beautiful, most talented, super duper cute, awesome, gregarious and charismatic person in this entire planet but always remember that you are still limited by the same 24 hours in a day.

When you start to sponsor people, you can actually overcome this severe handicap. It gives you a chance to duplicate yourself and have a dozen up to thousands of people working indirectly on your behalf on their time. It allows you to receive a percentage of everything they do.

American industrialist J. Paul Getty said,  he would rather earn one percent out of 100 people’s effort, than to earn 100% out of his own effort.

Think about it this way, you are a high school teacher, and within your contract it says that you would receive 1% portion of your students lifetime earnings. Do you think you would get excited in teaching, would you teach to as many students that you can?

Sponsoring builds Security

In most traditional business like a restaurant, auto supply, hardware or a simple sari-sari store you make money when you are present in your business.  But what could happen if you become ill or disabled and you are unable to service your customers?

Or perhaps you simply want to have a long vacation in Boracay islands with your family? For whatever reason, you could lose most if not all of your income overnight because your business relies on you being there.

This we say, is not owning your life and it is certainly not financial freedom.

Some people envy the income a Doctor or a Lawyer receives.  But have you ever asked , what happens if the Doctor closed his clinic, or let’s say he did not show up in his office? Would you as a patient still send him money?

We know of this one bank manager who is due for promotion as an AVP (Assistant Vice President) of their company. However on the eve of his birthday, he suffered a major stroke paralyzing half of his body. This prompted him to retire because he could no longer fulfill his duties as an employee.  The hard part is losing all the company benefits, like the big salary, his car.. etc.

With AIM Global, it is different. If you do not work today those in your organization are working for themselves and you receive a portion of their efforts.

This is definitely a win-win situation for everyone involved.

By sponsoring and building a downline organization, you can create total financial freedom.

Each person in your downline has a vested interest in continuing and building their own business. You create an income that is not dependent on you, not dependent on your efforts alone.

You create an income that can continue, even grow, indefinitely with or without you inspite of what you do.

Yes,  you can now use the most important secret to wealth. You now have the secret. Use it well.

And as always, here’s  to the inevitable achievement of your dreams !


Attracting Abundance in 5 Easy Steps

Have you ever find yourself in situations where you attract mostly what you don’t want instead of the things that you want?

Are you sick and tired of working for so many years and yet as if nothing good is happening in your finances?

Do want to finally break free from your financial hole and move to the lifestyle that you desire which is filled with happiness, prosperity and fulfillment?

Here are 5 easy steps to help you turn your situation around.

finally break free from financial problems

1. Have a crystal clear view of what you really want.

The inspiring book  The Secret suggests that if you want to achieve your goals, you must first have a clear definition of what you are really aiming at.

Most people have a very vague, cloudy definition of what they truly want in life. Like if you ask them what is your reason in joining AIM Global?  They will just say I want to be rich or I want to buy a new car. They say these things but deep down, what they really want is more security, time and freedom.  So go ahead and ask yourself, what is it that you truly want?


2. Remove your negative belief about prosperity.

Remove the negative
Every object in this world triggers an emotional link into our belief system and one of them is money.  Some people have a very negative belief about having lots of money. They think of money as evil, or rich people are crooks. This thinking was handed down to them by their parents, some religious leaders etc. This thinking is also the reason why this people are poor. They simply reject money as if it’s the devil himself.

Now this topic can cover an entire page of an article but just to give you quick pointer if you have this kind of belief be sure that you address them quickly, acknowledge them and overcome them so that you will stay in the right path for abundance.


3. Act from a prosperous mindset.

Act from a prosperous mindset
AIM Chief Finance Officer (CFO), Mr. Francis Miguel, was quoted saying that,

“You begin by knowing that you have already arrived.”

How would you feel if you have P10 million in your bank account right now? Would you think differently?  Would you speak and act better than before?  Well, this is exactly how you should act and feel if your broke too.

Start your days with this mindset and even though you don’t have the money yet, you will be surprised on how easy it would be to manifest your desires into reality. This may be challenging at first but it would go to your subconscious mind, and this part of your mind could not distinguish which is real which isn’t .


4. Be open to receive

Be open for opportunities
On your journey towards abundance it is important that you be grateful to what you have right now. Gratitude is a magnet. The more grateful on what you have, the more abundance you will have.

So receive every morning the gift that the Universe has given to you. Be in awe at the grandeur of these gifts. When you do that, don’t be surprise that many more gifts will come into your life.


5. Take Action

Time for Change and breakthrough
All the articles and books you have read about self improvement and making money would all go to waste if you do not ACT.

The Law of Attraction or manifesting is a skill. This skill can only be developed by taking action on a consistent basis.

The good thing is that you don’t have to think too much on what to act or where to act because here is a wonderful opportunity called AIM Global.  AIM is a powerful business that has change thousands of lives in just over 8 years of existence.

Attracting abundance has never been more fun and easier before. With a secret to attraction and a great business model like AIM Global, you are now on your way to achieving the inevitable success that you desire and deserve.

A Money Pump called AIM Global

One day, there was an old man who went to Dubai. While he was there he decided to have some adventure and fun, so he went to the desert and enjoyed the sun and sand. However, after hours of walking , he suddenly realized that he got lost.

His face suddenly is now stricken with panic. With the scorching heat and no water, the old man is now very thirsty.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw this wood shed.  So he went there and was happy to see an old rusty water pump.  He got very excited that he started pumping, thinking only of one thing –water!

However,  as hard as he try, no water came out. Exhausted, he stepped back and saw a dust covered water jug. There was a note written in the jug. It says, “Inside this jug is fresh drinking water, don’t drink it! Pour it in the pump and you will have all the water you’ll ever want.”

The old man’s heart got torn. What if it’s not true? What if it’s a prank? What if it’s a scam?

The man said, “What the heck, il give it a try.”

So with eyes closed he poured every drop of water into the water pump. Then he started pumping. At first nothing seems to be happening. But he kept on. After a minute, mud came out. Then later – fresh drinking water!!

He drank to his heart’s delight. He can’t believe the amount of water that has come out of the pump that he even decided to take a bath!  He even saw other water containers that he filled it to the brim to take it along with him in his journey.

But before he left, he again filled with water the dusty jug he first saw and scribbled a note below the one he read. He wrote “I tried it. It works!”

Drink now or Drink for a lifetime

This story illustrates why there are many poor people. They do not know what to do with the money that they have. Often times, you see employees spend their entire monthly salary paying everyone else except themselves. In short, they do not know how to invest.

You see them spend big bucks going to vacations, buying the latest gadgets. Some of them even go to the extent of loaning money just to buy the latest iPhone.

It’s okay to have a fun in life but if you want financial freedom, we suggest that you live within your means and not get hypnotized by the media.

AIM Global Package

The good news is you are now standing in front of a money pump called AIM Global. You just need a little amount of water P7980++. You have an option to start, depending on your capability with one, three jugs or seven jugs as primer for the pump.

One Global Package can give you a potential income of about P500,000/mo. Now that is a lot of money! Can you imagine living in the Philippines with that kind of income? Would your life change? Would the life of your loved ones change? Would your ability to help others change?

I don’t have the money to invest

This gives you more reason to join.

Find a way. Find the money. Sell your stereo, tv, borrow from your relatives or put up a garage sale. Do whatever it takes to get the necessary funds.

It’s a small amount considering this could give great wealth that even you couldn’t ever imagine.

Think of this way, if you are P7980 short of buying your dream house or going home for good after working for so many years abroad and be with your family, you will find a way, wouldn’t you?

AIM Global is an investment for your future.

The good thing is that, there is not one, two or ten people who has done it but over a thousand people.

One thousand distributors will tell you to try it. Because this pump has worked for us and it surely would work for you!