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Alliance in Motion Global 2014 Highlights

Last November 2014, AIM Global celebrated its Midyear rally at the MOA Arena with its 16,000 seating capacity almost filled to the rafters with a sea of light blue shirts all geared up to party. Thousands of people have witnessed the event, some arrived in buses coming from far out provinces. All tickets were sold out, and we believe there were a few outside who took their chances in coming in to buy a ticket.
ismile moa arena
It was an exciting gathering, everybody had lots of fun and entertainment. It matched the event’s theme “iSMILE” where everybody in the arena was indeed smiling.


There are two major reasons why people are smiling in our rally.

1. The grandeur of MOA Arena. – whether it’s your first time to go inside or not, you still would be left in awe at the beauty of one of the Philippines superstructure. Its state of the art floors for sports and entertainment is really something your eyes could be left in wonder.

2. The big AIM Global crowd inside – if you got awestruck with beauty of the venue, you will be amazed at how huge and how stable AIM Global company really is. You now got a bigger picture of what kind of business you are going into. It is totally mind-blowing considering that this rally covers a few parts of LUZON area only.

We also hold other rallies in the VISAYAS and MINDANAO area, not to mention our international offices to name a few like Nigeria, Ghana, UAE, and Singapore.


Why is it important for a network marketing company be able to fill up with people huge venues like the MOA Arena?
MIDyear Rally at MOA Arena

Click here for more photos of Midyear Rally MOA Arena iSmile event via Facebook

Good question right? The answer is simple.

We are a network marketing company.

If we are in a food industry, like let’s say Jollibee we don’t need to hold up rallies in MOA arena, we would only know the strength of our business by the number of customers inside our restaurant.
The same is true in the automotive and IT industry.

But since we are a network marketing company, a company that has been around almost 9 years in the industry, a proven track record that has created over 1,000 self made millionaires, we have to prove how big our base of distributors and customers and followers really are.

Elite Millionaire CircleGlobal AmbassadorSilver Executivescuneta-exe-night2

And what better way to demonstrate that other than staging one of our rallies in one of the biggest sports stadium in the country.

Can you imagine joining a network marketing company that has been around for a long time only to hold their rally in a 200 seat function room. And they will hype you up telling you they are so big, come and join.

Would you join?

Numbers don’t lie

Click here for more photos of Executives Night (Cuneta Astrodome) via Facebook
Truth be told, AIM Global is no stranger to big celebrations like this. In fact, this year alone, we already held three major celebrations, twice in Cuneta Astrodome for our executive nights, and once in Araneta Coliseum for our 8th year Anniversary.

We also held a 2-day mega training with one of the best Network Marketing gurus Tom “Big Al” Schreiter in PICC. (Philippine International Convention Center)


Click here for more photos of BIG AL Training via Facebook

This December we will again have a major event, which is our “Thanksgiving Party – You and AIM rocks” to be held at the Metrotent, ortigas.

AIM Thanksgiving Rock Party

Click here for more photos of Thanksgiving Party via Facebook

Yes we have been sort like “Coliseum hopping”. We have been partying, training while earning BIG all year.
Other networking companies in the Philippines can only hold big rallies once a year.

How important are the numbers?
If the number of people are big that only means we were able to help thousands of people change their lives for the better in terms of their wealth and in their health.

Many reasons to SMILE
Our President and CEO Dr. Ed Cabantog took the stage and gave us big reasons to smile up until the muscles in our mouth hurts.
Here are some of the exciting news:
– We will soon have a new and improve “slim and trim”. A product that is good for weight loss.
– We have just launched a new product called “VIDA-max”. This is good for high cholesterol and sort like an aspirin, good for artery dilation and anti-coagulant for high blood.
– We have introduced our new DTC (data tracking center), our newest webpage gives us a new and better look of all our online transactions, genealogy and earnings. You can add your own pictures and it also has its chat room so that you can connect with your downlines anywhere in the world.
– We will soon have a new bank provider for our ATM encashment , you can withdraw cash even on Saturdays and Sunday, etc.
– We will open new international offices this coming 2015. The most notable is KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).
– We have launched the first Philippine network marketing online school which is AIMCADEMY. (you can now access video trainings and blog articles, with basic seminars like the OPP, Product Demo and NDO that you can send to your prospect anywhere in the world in just a click of a button)
– Dr Ed, also laid out the mechanics on how to qualify for the HK7 (free Hongkong travel incentive next year)
We also showed video clips of the groundbreaking of our soon to rise 23 storey building in EDSA. (click here to view photos of groundbreaking event)

In network marketing business as in all types of business, numbers are truly important. It’s is just like elementary school. You have to know your numbers.
AIM Global numbers has come. What is good about this is that we have unlimited amount to count.
Come join US